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Radiant Heart Productions is a service provided by Ray Hix in alignment with his spirit guides.

Ray's Background

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Messages From Ray

Latest Update

I know this web site has taken a back seat to my other projects, but that's about to change. I have a lot of material that just needs to be organized before I can publish it on the Web.

Right now I'm working on:

  • A book that's designed to provide a series of seminar-type breakthroughs for readers.

  • New written materials to accompany some of my existing Guided Journeys. The written materials are training for your mind. The Guided Journeys are training for your energy field. If we can say a book trains your mind to think in new ways, then we can say these Guided Journeys train your energy field to set up and function in new ways. The combination will accelerate your ability to step into enlightened states of being.

  • Sorting through a backlog of recordings of channeled journeys to either create new sets, or choose journeys to publish on the web.

  • Converting the journeys that were recorded on tape to CD format.

  • An incredible new project for Consciousness Clearers and lightworkers.

Check back soon and often, or send me an e-mail, and I'll let you know when I've posted the changes.

In Love and Light
Ray Hix

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What's New

Order and Pay Online
We are once again able to accept credit cards online, this time using the PayPal system. You do not have to sign up for PayPal in order to make a purchase. Give it a try, and let me know how you like using it.

Connecting For Support and Empowerment
My hosting service will allow some interesting new features. I plan to look into new and current ways of bringing us together over the internet. If you have suggestions, I am open to hear them.

Site Search
You can now search the entire Radiant Heart Productions website using keywords or phrases of your choice. Go to Site Search for the Search Button.

New Articles posted, more coming
I am organizing a plethora of articles and notes I've accumulated over the last three years. I've been clearing the unconsciousness out of many insights into the current conditions on our spiritual path at this time. I've also gained clarity on the paradigm shifts that are occuring, and seen visions of where we are heading. When I've shared these insights with others, they say it helps them navigate the shifts more consciously and gracefully. I look forward to sharing these insights with you.

My thanks to you for being on your path of growth, and for letting me be a part of it.

In Love and Light
Ray Hix

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Meet in Our Heart

Hello. Once again I want to tell you about some changes that reflect my ongoing truing up to and refining of my life purpose.

I've had many students who were reluctant to tell me how important love is in their life, and how shut down their heart has been, compared with what they know is possible -- until I mentioned what love is for me. So I want to share a little bit about my purpose in life, and make the invitation, that if something resonates within you, a similar or shared purpose, come and play together.

Even within the spiritual community, there are surprisingly few people with the courage, and commitment to meet each other in the heart. At an energy level, I observe many people willing to have the love experience within themselves, and beam their love outward to another, but they are not letting the other's love into their heart. Even with people who genuinely love each other, in most cases at an energy level, most often the interaction is two people experiencing love by themselves, while being together with the one they love. We have accepted as normal, the severe, and in some cases total limitation of how much you really let your partner into your heart.

I want to play with people who are committed to moving beyond those patterns, to find and live from your expanded heart, to explore new possibilities of the heart, to step into new territory that perhaps you're not seeing anyone around you embrace.

It is up to us to be the forerunners, to demonstrate this possibility, before others will even want to play the game. It may be that your friends and family are waiting for your demonstration of living from the heart before they'll join you there. You may be seeing a possibility that they don't know about. And even if they do, their fear won't allow them to step into that until they can see it safely demonstrated. You can be the one who makes that demonstration.

As the energy of my life purpose continues to come more completely into my life and being, I feel I am being prepared to more powerfully, and more directly work with opening people's hearts. I want you to know that I am here to support you.

I've also been working with a small group of people who are committed to step more fully into that heart space themselves, and are working with me to set a space that makes it easier for others to do that as well. We are exploring functioning as Group Mind, sourcing group, and contributing as group.

This letter is a call to all heart people, to come join us in this wondrous opportunity of awakening your heart. To me, living with your heart wide open is one of the highest games we can play. If you are one of the most radiant hearts you know, (or would like to be,) you are warmly encouraged to come play with us, to explore that heart space together.

There is no limit to the light and love that's available in the higher realms. The bottleneck is your personality. The Enlightened Communication Workshop is probably the most powerful vehicle I know of to keep love fresh, alive and growing in your relationships. This is a course to expand your personality. The ECW makes available a higher paradigm for communication, a paradigm that can hold and reflect the harmony and flow that you are reaching on the inner planes. This is a powerful vehicle for you to bring the expanded states you are reaching in your meditations more completely into your relationships. So naturally, this fits in nicely with my purpose of helping open hearts, and increasing love in the world.

Love is a result of whole communication. At the level of community, it is the purpose of the ECW to achieve that quality of communication which produces a spontaneously expanding condition of whole communication. We call that degree of quality a "critical mass" of communication. A critical mass of whole communication produces a natural chain reaction, a spontaneously expanding condition of love.

A big part of my life purpose is to anchor the higher frequencies of love in this dimension. I invite you to join us in this opening, and to share your Self with your friends such that you make this opportunity available to them as well!

Thanks. I welcome your feedback. I look forward to meeting you in your heart.


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List of Articles:
(This article section is not yet finished.)

About Life Purpose:
Your life purpose is dynamic and evolving, just as you are. Especially for those on an accelerated path of growth, as you learn certain lessons, make specific contributions, and complete your karma "ahead of schedule," you open to possibilities that were not available to you before. As who you are and the energies you are in continually change, it is beneficial to ongoingly update and expand your knowledge of your life purpose.

Receiving Soul Guidance
Some Notes On Receiving Guidance From Your Soul, Or a Guide, and comments on "Soul Mates."

Raising Your Ceiling of "Too Good"
Expanding Your Pleasure Tolerance Zone

Opening Your Channels
Allowing a More Complete Expression of Source to Move Through You

Transforming the Path of the Bodhisattva
A Special Message to Light Workers Who's Path Has Been Difficult

Ray's Background
Some Background On Where I'm Coming From, and Where I'm Going

Upcoming Articles

Becoming a Master of Flow Synergy:

New Paradigm Intro
Enlightened Wizardy: From Struggle to Flow
Para-Cerebral Knowing, Meta-Cerebral Guidance
Learning from Energy Patterns
Special Note to Those Who Love Sex
About Your Lord Self

"The Power of Gratitude"
A force more powerful than Beliefs?

"A Distinction: Conversation ABOUT Enlightenment; Conversation FOR Enlightenment"
Some Conversations About enlightenment allow you to stagnate, while distracting yourself with mind candy.
Some Conversations About Love actually diminish the experience of love between you.

"Relationship: Waiting For Your Soul Mate?"

"The Dissonance of Lights"
As you feel the new paradigm shifts coming into your being, Who You Are must deal with Who You Are Becoming.

"Creating Enlightened Community"

"Working With the Planets"
Communicating, creating alignment and receiving empowerment from deities that are sourcing enlightnement in our solar system.

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