Life Purpose: Expressing Self

Consciously Creating Your Highest Forms
and Optimal Participation

Expanding Consciousness: Co-Creating Purpose

This is a course to bring clarity, consciousness, flow and alignment to your life. You will reach into higher, more pure essences of your Self than was previously possible, to find, expand, and know more of your life purpose, your reason for being alive at this time.

Many of you already have a knowing of what you are here to do. This course is not so much about telling you what your purpose is, as it is more fully embodying the energy and light of your life purpose, and empowering you to live your life purpose more masterfully.

We will connect on the inner planes with the Master and your soul group that shares your life purpose. They will assist you in exploring and expressing your next level of life purpose, and knowing how it fits into the plan of humanity, and the higher purposes of the universe.
The peace that comes from living your life purpose opens you up to your next level of radiance. When you know your purpose, expand the potential of that purpose, and use your purpose as the overall structure on which you base your life, your sense of vitality and aliveness takes off.

Translating Life Purpose Into Form

After reaching your Essence in the higher dimensions, you will want to translate those energies into various levels of outward manifestation: You can experience and express yourself as Individual; as Relationship; as Group or Organization; as Community; even as the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

The more clearly you recognize, embrace, and translate the essence of your life purpose into each of these domains, the greater the degree of flow and alignment you can experience in them. You can also clarify the most optimal type and degree of participation for you in each of these domains.

The more responsibly you can source flow in your personality, your relationships, your groups, your community and the planet, the more powerfully you can express your Self in the earth plane. As you find and maintain the optimal balance between your skill level, and your challenges, you create a condition called "Fun."

A two-for-one Bargain! This course is a combination of two courses in one: We'll be learning the Frequencies of Fulfillment along with new material on life purpose, in order to take you farther than either one alone could.
For information on the Frequencies of Fulfillment,
 Creating With Light: Frequencies of Fulfillment
For more information on Life Purpose:
 About Life Purpose
The Life Purpose: Expressing Self course takes place in four evening sessions, and a one-day Sunday workshop. For example:
Tuesdays: July 8, 22, 29, August 12 and Sunday: August 24.
Tuition is $250, which includes tapes and written materials.

Comments From Participants


Well as usual, the very first evening we started this course, after the first journey I was so moved, I wished all of you could have been here. Once again, our being together has transcended the original subject of life purpose, and brought us into amazing new territory. Perhaps the participants sum it up best with comments like these:

"I never knew it could be this beautiful!"
"Awesome! Absolutely awesome! I have no other words to describe this!"
"I've always heard words like 'unlimited' and 'unbounded'. Now I'm experiencing that directly."

Remember, these are all graduates of the AYLB course. These are people who have already experienced the grand spaces of the LB centers. Clearly, with the Frequencies of Fulfillment we've taken this to another level.

I know this format is difficult for some of you when it's spread out over weeks like this, but this format is just so good! If you could feel the energy and powerful openings in this course, and the ease in digesting it all that comes from this format, you'd bend over backwards to be here for the next course.

If you would like to do this course but are not able to attend the extended dates of this format, it is possible for me to offer a weekend workshop version of this course that would not include the frequencies of fulfillment. Let me know.

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