Opening New Channels For Flow

Allowing a More Complete Expression of Source

Sunday, TBA, 10am to 4pm


How purely can you find your Essence?
How completely can you open to the sweet, transforming light of your own connection to Source?

It's been said that we have between 80 to 120 senses as we exist in the higher realms. Yet we act like trained fleas who have been let out of the jar -- we never jump higher than our previous boundaries allowed.

There are many micro-channels of energy that move through us, each one a stream of a particular aspect of universal energy. The level of openness of these channels throughout you determines the level of flow at which you can join with the higher forces of the universe, so that Divine Intelligence can move through you more completely.

With the New Paradigm shift we are now able to open many more channels throughout our being, channels that allow the Divine Energies of the universe to move gracefully through us. As this happens, you can experience more pure levels of your Self, and become a more purposeful and fulfilling expression of your soul in the earth dimension.

"When two or more of you of this vibration come together, miracles begin to happen -- automatically, and without needing your conscious direction -- simply as a function of reaching this level of light, and fluidity." Theodore

This isn't just opening a channel to receive from "beings who are higher than you." This is a profound expansion and shift of Being for you. It is about YOU becoming a Master of Flow.

As you open more and more of these different, multiple micro-channels moving through you, you become more fluid, more intuitively magnetic to your highest good.

This is more than just a new path to take in the world -- it generates a whole new world to operate in, and brings forth a new you, functioning in new ways. Imagine being in the world as a Master of Flow, as distinct from being an administrator of details.

Come join us for this breakthrough!

Now a Special New Tape Set!
As a result of the New Paradigm Initiations (Opening Your Channels above, and Raising Your Ceiling of "Too Good"), we have created a wonderful new tape set called Becoming a Channel For Miracles. These tapes are the guided meditations recorded from these workshops. This combination of guided journeys compliment each other to powerfully facilitate your living at new levels of flow and connection to Source. Follow the link to learn more about Raising Your Ceiling of "Too Good", and then follow the link to the Tapes.

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