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Some Background On Where I'm Coming From,
And Where I'm Going

Ray Hix is an accomplished musician and composer, with over thirty years of spiritual, transformational, consciousness and energy awareness training.

A former "workshop junkie," with extensive self-application of the spiritual and transformational training he received, Ray began teaching paid seminars in 1984.

Ray eventually was invited to team up with a brilliant Contextual Therapist. He learned how to "bring love into those areas where I didn't even know I wasn't loving myself." They applied, refined and taught the principles of Absolute Positive Regard, embracing all aspects of yourself in love, including the parts that were previously unlovable. Their 6 year partnership developed new paradigms which provide powerful openings into higher fulfillment and unconditional love.

Ray has been teaching and refining these paradigms in seminars he created and led, and in private counseling since 1987. He has published two books -- Seeing through Eyes that Bless and Being Magnetic to Your Highest Good -- and several e-books to make his work more widely available, and has produced many volumes of audio recordings that facilitate direct experience of expanded states of being.

Ray is also a graduate of the Awakening Your Light Body course as developed by DaBen and Orin, channeled by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, and has also completed many years of advanced Light Body graduate courses. He has been teaching and refining the Light Body course since 1990, and has created his own original material for light body graduates.

While in meditations exploring the inner realms of energy and light, Ray met his spirit guide, Theodore. Ray now facilitates much of his work with support from Theodore. Theodore, a wise and loving spirit teacher, has always made it clear that he is here to teach Ray how to be a master, and not for Ray to hide in his identity as "the little one" channeling Theodore, "the Big One." In turn, Ray supports his clients and students in stepping into their own power.

Some Notes on the Path:

Wow, what a year! It seems like for the last eight months I've been hearing over and over and over the simple phrase, "let us work through you." It's been a weird kind of feeling when, no matter how fully you think you've surrendered, or how open you feel to your soul and the higher community of light, they keep gently but consistently saying "let us work through you." It's been very frustrating, yet at the same time, somehow hope-inspiring -- as if I've been somehow operating in the wrong mode for results that only come from another mode.

Well, I've finally been experiencing the other side of the veils. I am blown away by the incredible sense of "home," and how obvious it is when you're there, that this is the place to be sharing with others. I now see why they wouldn't let up on me with this. Such a simple message, such a powerful paradigm shift!

I do look forward to sharing this with you. That's what this work is about, really. All the resources announced here are to help set us up to explore this shift more fully. Yet, this shift is available now. You don't have to wait for future events to begin experiencing it. See if you can find the energy of this shift now, and stay with it as you explore the rest of these pages, especially in Theodore's messages.

I've been doing energy work and inquiring into the matter of Living Your Life Purpose. As a result of this exploration, I am not only more in touch with my life purpose ("to anchor the frequencies of love in this dimension,") I am also finding my ability to put others in touch with their life purpose has increased substantially. I can now see more clearly my attraction to teaching the Light Body course and the Enlightened Communication Workshop -- they are both VERY powerful vehicles for living at higher levels of love, intimacy and flow. I also think that's why most of you are drawn to me and Theodore -- to more fully open your heart. I feel like some of the veils have been lifted, and I can now engage in creating heart openings in a much more powerful way.

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