Enlightened Wizardry

By Ray Hix

When most people think of wizardry, they think of waving wands and casting spells to make magic happen. If that's the great appeal of wizardry for you, just stay abreast of the latest technology. With the simple push of a button, amazing things can happen.

However, there is a world of magic and wizardry, of love, flow and grace available to you. You can live in that world, but not by waving wands, casting spells, or pushing buttons.

To use the latest technology, all you have to do is learn to operate the device. In other words, you acquire some information. To enter the world of magical love and flowing grace, you must become an open, flowing, loving person. In other words, you learn how to: sense flow; how to open to allow flow to move through you; how to function as flow; and how to generate higher flows in your life.

Sometimes the gap between where we are, and where we'd like to be, is so large that we cannot bridge that gap in one step. For example, you couldn't tell a non-musician to pick up an instrument, sit down with an orchestra, and begin playing a symphony. You couldn't tell them to step into a band, and perform a blistering solo as the band accompanies them. The gap between that level of mastery, and the beginning stages of no skill at all, is just too large to bridge in one step.

Similarly, there are spiritual states of being (for example: unconditional love; the experience of oneness; enlightened wizardry; etc.) that are too large to master in one step. Like the process of mastering music, we need to break them down into small, achievable steps.

For most of us, Enlightened Wizardry is not something that just happens to you. Like mastery in any field, it takes Intention, commitment and practice. But what do you practice? What's the intention? How do we make the transformation?

I've designed a program to clarify some of the distinctions necessary for making this breakthrough, and I've channeled some guided journeys to help you experience and practice these states of being. The program is called:

Becoming a Master of Flow

A Paradigm Shift From Struggle to Flow

This is a four-volume course on CD or cassette tape that takes you through progressive states of being and experience. While each volume stands on its own as a valuable shift in consciousness, together they create complimentary openings that propel you into wondrous new states of mastery.

This course was originated by Ray Hix, channeled in partnership with his spirit guide, Theodore.
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Clarity: Lifting the Veils to Self and Self-expression

The first volume in this course is called "Clarity: Lifting the Veils to Self and Self-Expression." The most important Flow to be aware of is your Flow. These journeys will bring you into a more pure sense of who you are, enabling you to find your energy at more pure levels, and to find it in ways that facilitate flow moving through you. In addition to finding your energy much more purely, they also bring clarity in lifting the veils to what you're here to do.

When you truly begin to see Who You Are, you are forever altered. There is a new You available, capable of moving in new ways, and even creating new worlds to move in. These journeys are for lifting the veils to knowing your Self in a way that brings forth your power, and new possibilities.

8 guided journeys in a vinyl album $60.

Becoming Flow

The second volume is called "Becoming Flow." In this volume we are learning to resonate as Flow: stepping into flow, opening new flows, letting flow move through us -- basically becoming flow. Some of the journeys in this volume are very profound, in the sense of just melting you into the universe. These are the journeys that prepare us for experiencing our Lord Self.
8 guided journeys in a vinyl album $60.

Becoming a Channel For Miracles

The third volume is "Becoming a Channel For Miracles." Once you've experienced your Pure Essence Self, and then opened to flow, your ability to open to miracle energy is expanded also. Miracle energy can not only flow more completely through you, it also can be shaped and directed more completely by your Pure Essence Self. The miracles you bring forth will be much more aligned with your highest purpose, and therefore much more fulfilling to you.
The Miracle tapes continue the process of letting life work through you, but they bring it to another level of bringing miracle energy into you as well. These journeys are part of the larger process that Theodore's been bringing us through -- a natural progression on this path of becoming a Master of Flow.

8 guided journeys in a vinyl album $60.

Exploring Your Lord Self

Volume Four is called "Exploring Your Lord Self." This is an expanding of awareness and Being, it's not reaching up into hierarchies. It's an expansion of your sense of Self, and it's bringing you that much closer to the Oneness space. As long as you're convinced that you're a personality here, or an identity, or even a body, you'll always have that feeling of separateness. Becoming aware of your soul is a big shift. As you experience your soul's connection to the oneness, that's a further expansion. As you become your Lord Self, you realize you are connected to Source throughout many dimensions of being. It opens you up to experiencing magnificence, support and Oneness at whole new levels.

8 guided journeys in a vinyl album $60.

4 Volume Becoming a Master of Flow
Course (34 guided journeys) plus Notebook just $200

For maximum benefit, order all four albums. If you buy the four-volume course, in addition to the 32 guided journeys on tape, you will receive:
2 extra Bonus Journeys; plus

over 60 pages of printed materials. These notes will provide new distinctions, explanations and mental reinforcement for the experiences you are having at a being level.

The 4 Volume "Becoming a Master of Flow" Course of 34 journeys is available either on 17 tapes in two attractive vinyl albums, or on 17 CDs. You can choose your format below.
The music is by Michael Hammer.
The 4-Volume Course costs $200, plus $10.00 for shipping.
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Clarity: Lifting the Veils | Becoming Flow

Becoming a Channel For Miracles | Exploring Your Lord Self

Magnificence: Well-being and Your Heart's Desire

"Magnificence: Well-being and Your Heart's Desire" is an optional, special Volume for Awakening Your Light Body Graduates only. These guided journeys use the light body centers for greater manifestations of your highest flows. <>
8 guided journeys in a vinyl album. $60, or $50 extra if ordered with the complete course above.

An Unsolicited Testimony

Oh Ray, what you've done is so beautiful. There are no earthly words to describe the beauty and the infinite love you are bringing through. Thank you, thank you for doing this. Thank you for making it accessible to me.

When I received the tapes months ago, I was marred down in a stressful, intense, 10 hour a day, job. The kind that sucks the life out of you and leaves nothing left. I was living in a women's dorm (the YWCA) and awaiting word on what my next move would be. After receiving the tapes, I prayed for space in which to use them. Not just a physical space, but an emotional space. I stated with clear intent that it was my intention to bring through these energies.

Just by making that my intent in February,.....things started to shift. In March, I "happened into" a wonderful apartment in a cozy seaside town 1 hour north of Boston. An adorable living space (1 bedroom) with an ocean view, high atop a hill. The rent is the same amount I was paying to live at the YWCA in Boston. And I have the most wonderful landlords.

As for the job, I gave my notice to leave. I was generous in offering to stay for a period of 6 weeks while I could be replaced. My generosity paid off. I am writing to you now from my home, where I am able to work for the same company (using their equipment) in a completely different capacity. Stress-free (essentially.) All is not ironed out yet, but I maintain that my purpose is to bring through these energies. Miracles are happening.

I am spending time with the tapes, taking it nice and slow, repeating some before going on. I've just finished side three on Volume 1 and I am speechless. Each tape leaves me with tears streaming down my cheeks. These are so powerful and so beautiful. I am so grateful. This truly is the best....possible experience. I have so many feelings I couldn't possibly articulate in the English language. I love you.

Thank you Ray,
Suzanne Cambell

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