Opening to Your Lord Self

Calling Upon Your Lord Self For Enlightened Wizardry and Flow
Expanding Your Awareness to Your Multi-Dimensional Self
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Although you are mostly focused in this earth dimension, your consciousness may expand to include much more than this little reality. When you become aware of your Lord Self you realize that you are a grand and multidimensional being, experiencing in every dimension of reality.

The 8 journeys in this album guide you to experience a grand, multi-dimensional level of Who You Are. You can tune in with your Lord Self to directly experience expanded states of being, an expanded sense of flow, Love, knowing and power.

From this expanded level of consciousness you can experience more of the Oneness of all life -- and your connection to this Oneness -- gaining access to Source from many wondrous new levels.
Each time you open to these levels of high, refined energy, your aura becomes charged with the higher frequencies that exist there.
Exploring the energy spaces of these journeys can help you get comfortable wearing, being, and allowing larger flows of energy to move through your life.

Use these Journeys to expand Your Awareness to Your Multi-Dimensional Self, and play with states of Enlightened Wizardry and Flow.

The Lord Self Journeys:
Section One: Opening and Flowing
The first three journeys follow-up on continuing to open flows, explore flowing, and integrating Flow.
Side 1 Opening Flow to Experience Your Lord Self
The first Lord Self journey spends about three fourths of the journey setting you up to open to more flow. After you are flowing enough and harmonized enough, it brings in your Lord Self for you to experience.
Side 2 Using Soul Group Synergy to Integrate with Your Lord Self
Opening to your Lord Self takes a larger degree of flow than what we've needed so far, because your Lord Self's energy is so vast and so connected. So in this journey, you're connecting with a soul group on the inner planes, of other people who are, like you, opening to their Lord Self as well. So whenever Theodore tells you in these journeys "now connect with the soul group of people who are also learning to be a master of flow," or "learning to open to their Lord Self," you can just intend to connect with that whole group of people, in other words, the others who are also learning these processes too. Because there will be other people around the country and around the world working with these journeys -- including the core group that's working with them here in Berkeley.
So in journey two, you're connecting with this soul group, and riding upon that synergy of the whole group, to help you open more fully into experiencing your Lord Self, and stabilizing in those frequencies.
Side 3 Being and Calling Forth Flow
This journey supports you in being and calling forth flow. You can use this to become aware of some important shifts you might need to make to help live as flow. You can also use this journey to bring flow into an area of your life.
This journey is the first of four on manifesting as a Wizard.
Section Two: Practicing Enlightened Wizardry
As we said earlier, Enlightened Wizardry doesn't just happen to you. But now that we've worked with the previous volumes of "Becoming a Master of Flow," we have become more movable and fluid, and have gained a little experience with allowing higher intelligence to move through us.

Now that you've brought clarity to your life purpose in Volume One, learned to sense and open to larger flows in Volume Two, and opened your channels for miracles to move through you in Volume Three, we've now learned enough about flow and opening that we can put some conscious attention on that state of being called Enlightened Wizardry, that mode of functioning as a Wizard. We can now step up to the opportunity of practicing to develop your ability to manifest as a Wizard.

These next four journeys give us an opportunity to practice some of the aspects involved in Manifesting as a Wizard, that state of "Enlightened Wizardry."

Side 4 Creating Shifts with your Lord Self
In this journey, you start using the power of your Lord Self to help facilitate letting go of things that no longer serve you. With this great resource of power behind you, it's far easier to cause shifts in your personality.
Q: How do we use flow for getting beyond fear and victimhood, and other things that we would like to let go of, that no longer serve us?
A: One of the most powerful ways is to bring flow into that part you that is afraid, or into the part of you that is holding onto things that no longer serve you. You can find that part of you in any number of ways -- a subpersonality, energy patterns within your aura, or so forth. If you tune in and find flow, and become flow, and then bring your awareness to this area, in the same way that the flow transforms you by its touch upon you, bringing flow to that area will transform that area as well.
So this is the second journey as part of learning how to function with enlightened wizardry as we called it. This is beginning to manifest as a Wizard in this dimension.
Side 5 Calling Forth Solutions as a Wizard
We've talked before about how flow releases potentials. In this journey, you are that Wizard, so to speak, who simply by holding your desire, or you're need, to the flow, the flow reads your energy and brings forth the solutions that are needed.
Side 6 Aligning with Flow and Lord Self For Manifesting
This journey guides you in using flow, and using the power of your Lord Self to bring something into manifestation. Use this journey to be empowered by your Lord Self to manifest in alignment with your life purpose. You don't want to be indiscriminately blasting your desires and your agenda into creation. You want to create in a way that everything you manifest is in alignment with your higher purpose for being here.
If this is not the most optimal time to manifest what you want, you can still use this journey to help prepare you so that the right time can show up sooner.
While you are not guided to do this in the journey, you can ask if there is something else that it would be more beneficial for you to work on manifesting at this time.
Side 7 Aligning with Light Beings For Manifesting
Join with highly evolved light beings to align the forces that be, to support you in Manifesting As a Wizard. Align with the light beings on something they would like you to manifest, and then invite the light beings to align with you on something you would like to manifest.
Side 8 New Doorways Into Source
Experience New Doorways, and New Perspectives into Source from your Lord Self. Experience the All-That-Is from multiple, expanded perspectives. Allow these new streams of Source Energy to move throughout all of your energy bodies, your mind and emotions. Release new potentials for healing into your physical body. Notice how much farther your light can go out, with Divine Intelligence moving through you, shining your light where it needs to be seen.

The background music used in these journeys is by Michael Hammer.

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The Lord Self Bonus Journeys:
Bonus A: Lord Self Combo: Resonating to Become; Extending Flow; Manifesting
This "combo journey" gives you an opportunity to practice three different skills:
The beginning of this journey you are supported in "Resonating to Become," as you are guided to resonate with beneficial frequencies (like love, clarity, intimacy, prosperity, joy) to become them.
The second part of this journey is Extending Flow Throughout All Your Existences, shifting the paradigm of struggle.
The third part of this journey is manifesting as a wizard. Create alignment with Heaven and Earth with your heart's desire.
Bonus B: Dissolving Flow Beings
Meet and work with the Dissolving Flow Beings, as these interdimensional masters transmit energy gifts to empower your Heart's desire. Establish a thread of Joy throughout all of your existences.

The two Lord Self Bonus Journeys provide some optional exploration with your Lord Self. If you already have the "Opening to Your Lord Self" Album, you can order these bonus journeys as mp3 digital downloads for $7 each. You can for details.

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