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Your life purpose is dynamic and evolving, just as you are. Especially for those on an accelerated path of growth, as you learn certain lessons, make specific contributions, and complete your karma "ahead of schedule," you open to possibilities that were not available to you before. As who you are and the energies you are in continually change, it is beneficial to ongoingly update and expand your knowledge of your life purpose.

If you can trust that your soul has your best interest in mind, it stands to reason that you will experience the greatest fulfillment, joy, aliveness and power by aligning all aspects of your life with your higher purpose for being here. Once you have found your life purpose, you need to continually evaluate the forms, flows and energies you are in to make sure you are continuing to manifest your highest purpose.

This does not necessarily mean that you have to change everything about your life. You simply need to be willing to observe your life from the perspective of how what you are doing expresses your life purpose, and fits into the larger scale of the universe and the plan for humanity.

You've probably noticed your energy increases when you are doing something that is part of your life purpose. As you allow the higher energies and intelligence of the universe to move through you more fully, you allow greater joy, vitality, peace and a sense of connectedness in your life. With increased clarity of life purpose, you can learn to recognize the higher flows, and choose those actions and forms that carry the most light and support you the furthest out into time.

"Every time you let go of control, you'll find that there is something much sweeter, much more wholesome to replace that. For indeed it is not surrendering to a force outside yourself, it is surrendering to let the true power of you as source come in and do the work easily, gracefully, effortless."


You can translate your life purpose into various domains of consciousness and expression: While you are larger than any of these domains, you can experience and express yourself as Individual; as Relationship; as Group; as Community; and as Planetary Consciousness. Each progressive domain requires greater consciousness (more responsibility) for you to experience yourself as source (responsibly own your power) in that particular domain.

"We want people to be able to consciously explore these domains, and distribute their light, and their being in each of these domains, at the level that is appropriate for them now, at this time. You must be responsible with your participation in each of these domains. To take on more, or less than what you are capable of at this time, could be detrimental to you.
You are reaching a level of sensitivity, and a level of power, in which you must take more responsibility for what you are taking on. Just as a small child might say to their parents, "I will help you make money if you need it," that child would have a different experience than a teenager that would make the same offer. A teenager will be put to work; a small child given some small token chore to do around the house. Whereas a grown adult might be expected to take on complete financial support for his parents.
So as you grow in power and in responsibility, you need to be more conscious of what you are offering to take on."

The Life Purpose: Expressing Self course will support you in examining each of these domains, from the perspective of what level of participation most optimally expresses your life purpose. We will evoke some new distinctions on what is possible for each of these domains -- distinctions that reflect the new paradigm, in how to be with each other and engage in life in more fulfilling ways.

For most people, living as source of your own experience is challenge enough. Very few people have the distinctions on how to source a relationship, or how to source group. For some people, it might not be appropriate to take on the responsibility of sourcing certain relationships, but be perfectly appropriate to source group. And for others, it may not be appropriate for either relationship or group, but it may be appropriate to take on Community or Planet. While for some it may be best to not even touch Community or Planet, but just focus on themselves as relationship. Some of us are simply playing too small in all of these areas.

The Life Purpose: Expressing Self course will support you in gaining consciousness and clarity in each of those areas, and discover how they can best express your life purpose. As you clarify the optimal level of responsible participation for you in each of these domains, you can find and navigate that just right balance between your skill level and your challenges that allows you to have the experience of fun.

Up until now, reaching the higher levels of mastery has required many initiates to experience a stage of growth we can call the "My God, My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?" stage. I am told this work will make it possible for people to consciously navigate into those higher levels of mastery without needing to go through the God-Forsaken stage.

Soul Groups
You might think of yourself and your soul as parts of a massive neural network. At times you join with one group of "neurons" for one purpose, and at other times you join with other groups for other purposes. In addition to the groups you are aware of in the earth plane, there are groups in the soul planes that your soul has been working with. There are various soul groups that share various aspects of your life purpose.

In this course we will consciously connect with the soul group on the inner planes that shares your life purpose at this time, and the Master of your group. The Master and your soul group knows and treasures what you have to offer humanity. You may have the experience of being known and appreciated here, in a way you've not yet experienced in the earth plane. Because they too share your purpose, they truly want to see you succeed, and are here to assist you in opening to your highest path and potential.

As you become more and more "efficient" with your energy, (more time on purpose, less time off purpose) you are given more opportunities to make your custom contribution to humanity. As you accept and act upon these opportunities, you expand your ability to reach your highest potential, and grow even beyond what your soul thought was your potential in this lifetime.

Coming Together to Empower Your Shifts
You can join us during this course in person, or on the inner planes. Our group synergy can give you the energy and power to make profound changes in your life. Much more is possible when we work together than when you work alone. The group light you can form when we come together can create an enormous shift; it can take you higher and further, faster and more easily than working on your own. As a group we can call upon the Expanded Masters and Great Ones who only respond to group energy. When you combine your light as a group they can channel many higher energies through and to each one of you.

Most people have more profound experiences when they join us in person. However, if you cannot attend, yet want these shifts, tell me, and we will include you in the transmissions, expanding as group.

I look forward to our growth together. 

In the last course, we combined the Frequencies of Fulfillment with new material on life purpose. Below are some of the guided journeys we did in the July-August 1997 course.

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