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Welcome to Radiant Heart's Experiencing Angels Page. We have Seminars, Guided Meditation Journeys, and even Private Sessions to empower your interactions with Angels. If you would like to experience angels more powerfully, we can help. If something calls to you as read the desciptions below, follow your intuition.

We Offer a Direct Experience With Angels

Guided Journeys For Experiencing Angels:

Two Guided Journeys to Meet and Work With Angels

Available for mp3 download, and on CD or Cassette
Would you like to experience communication with an angel?
Would you like to develop a personal relationship with your own guardian angel?

With these guided journeys, you're not limited to reading about angels, you can experience them for yourself. You can use these journeys to communicate with angels, establish a relationship with an angel, and receive love, blessings, guidance and support from angels.

Side 1: Meet Your Angel Sponsor :
Side 2: Experiencing Angel Consciousness:

Both of the "Guided Journeys to Meet and Work With Angels" are available for $13, or for $7 each from our
Digital Download Store.

Or, for $15 plus $2.00 for shipping and handling, you can get both journeys either on one CD or on one Cassette Tape;
you can choose your format below.

Order CDs or Cassettes
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A Private Session to Experience Your Angel Guide

If you have experienced an angel before, and would like to connect more deeply with your angel guide, I can set an energy space to strengthen your connection. I work in partnership with your soul and your angel to powerfully bring through their gifts for you.

You can email me to
Or Phone Ray at (510) 525-7470.

For more info, see my Private Sessions Page.

Angel Ceremony

We occasionally offer an Afternoon Workshop to Play With Angels

In this event, we will set a space for you and your friends to directly experience angel energy, meet an angel sponsor, and open communication if you like.

The energies we bring through for this angel event are incredible! This is one of our most popular events. You are welcome to bring your friends. Due to limited seating, let me know if you're interested, so I know how many to expect.

(Ask to be notified of New Date), Usually from 12 noon to 4pm
$40 suggested donation.

Advanced Angel Experiences

We used to offer offer an advanced Angel seminar called Activating Your Angelic Nature. Our recent work has been focusing on different areas of growth, but we may revive this workshop if/when it seems appropriate. There is info on this workshop posted here:

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