Radiant Heart Message for Bodhisattvas

Transforming the Path of the Bodhisattva

A Special Message to Light Workers Who's Path Has Been Difficult

©1997-2011 by Ray Hix
Are you a Consciousness Clearer?
Update 1: Shifting at Last!
Update 2: Now That Your Path is Shifting
Free Coaching For Completing the Difficult Phase of the Bodhisattva Path.
The Leaders in Consciousness Program: What's next for Bodhisattvas.

    Are you a Consciousness Clearer?

You may have been wondering: "Given how enlightened I am, and how much training I've had, and how sincere my heart is, and how consistently I operate larger than my reactions, and how much of a difference I've made for others, (etc., etc.,) why isn't my life smoother? How can this possibly be so hard for me?"

After you have sufficiently mastered your personal creations as an individual in the world, you become eligible to gain awareness of, and participate in larger Group Creations. In other words, you (at a soul level) have agreed to connect up with and create shifts for the collective consciousness of humanity. The shifts you are working on now are not just for you. They are being contributed to every being on the planet. Welcome to the path of the Bodhisattva.

The path of the Bodhisattva is a phrase borrowed from eastern religions. While I have not studied those religions enough to even know if I am using the phrase with their exact same meaning, that phrase came to me in a meditation, and rang a very profound bell. As I've shared my insights with others, some people lit-up in instant recognition, while others could not relate.

Loosely translated, the path of the Bodhisattva is the path of compassion. Some of the advanced souls who have had choice about whether or not they return to the earth plane, out of their great love for humanity, choose to come back to help alleviate the suffering here. A truly noble idea, the coming together of those who are enlightened, to make a difference for those who are not yet. And yet the very coming into this dimension demanded moving through the filters and consciousness that exist here.

There may be at least two different categories of doing this Bodhisattva work: Let's call the first category the Light Transmitters, and the second category the Consciousness Clearers. It is possible to be doing both, in fact many of you are. However, most people in the Consciousness Clearing category really want to experience life differently. So I invite you to pay close attention to your intuition, to notice if something resonates for you as you read about this.

To illustrate, I'd like to share an analogy that one of my students shared with me. He said if you wanted to get some caked-on dirt out of a bucket, you could get some kind of scraper, and start scraping it out. Or, you could simply place a hose in the bucket, and turn on the water. In time, the constantly flowing water would eventually remove all of the dirt, with no effort on your part. Cool trick.

But there are down-sides to each approach: The scraping is hard, and requires muscle, strength and stamina. The hose is easier, but it wastes an awful lot of water, and takes quite a bit more time. A third option is to combine the two approaches. The water makes the scraping easier; the scraping helps the water clear the dirt faster.

The Light Transmitters are kind of like the hose approach to humanity's evolution and enlightenment. These skilled energy workers go into a high, meditative state, and use various techniques with light and energy to help make the energy of humanity more beautiful, peaceful, loving, etc. Their approach is to keep putting higher vibrations into the existing energy of humanity, and it will (over time) continue to raise the vibration of humanity.

The Consciousness Clearers are kind of like the scraping approach to humanity's evolution and enlightenment. They move right into some of the most difficult issues facing humanity, to complete and clear the unconsciousness out of it, and bring their higher consciousness into it. They do this by experiencing the unconsciousness, embracing it completely (what you resist persists), and demonstrating how to stay conscious while moving through it. These evolved beings have gained such skill in consciously moving through (one or more of) the lessons of consciousness that humans must go through (to reach enlightenment), that they have chosen to re-experience those issues while plugged in to the collective consciousness of humanity. The best of them can keep coming from love, even though to the world (and to their personality awareness) it looks like they have been dealt a hard blow.

Like our analogy with cleaning the bucket, both of these have their advantages and disadvantages. Please be clear that both are very valuable. So try not to listen to these descriptions from judgments of right or wrong, or which one is better. However, because people on the Clearing Consciousness path are far more likely to go unseen, unrecognized for who they are, and unappreciated for their contribution, I do want to make sure to speak to their value and stature in this article.

The main advantage to the Transmitting Light approach is that it's so much easier than Clearing Consciousness. If I can exaggerate a bit here, all you have to do is sit in your ivory tower, isolated from the pain of the world, and from the great abundant overflow of light you are tuning into, pass some along to the rest of the world. Hey, what fun!

The disadvantages to this approach are that it takes so much time, and so much consistency to produce noticeable results. Also, some people are so deeply entrenched in less-conscious ways (the dirt is so solidly caked in the bucket) the gap between where they are and the light that's being offered them is so huge, that in some cases the light can be polarizing. This is where the Consciousness Clearers come in.

Up until recently, people could not hold very much light. Up until recently, the greatest contribution we could make was to help reduce their suffering, so they don't respond to their pain by creating more negative karma, thus helping them shift to higher paths.

One way of doing that was by taking on (experiencing) various aspects of human suffering, and moving through it with love. Some gurus have been known to "burn off karma" for some of their disciples, since the guru's skill at moving through and clearing stuff was far greater than their students. Sometimes the guru would know that a student was about to undergo a major shift, and confronting some past karma could detour the student from that shift. So, as a gift of love and compassion, the guru would choose to complete that karma for them.

At another level, the contribution being made was demonstrating to the collective consciousness of humanity, the pattern of moving gracefully through painful situations. This is still a much needed skill for humanity.

Two things hit me:

In December 1997 we had a special "Play Day" for Light Body graduates. The purpose of this gathering was to shift what it is to be on the Path of the Bodhisattva. Briefly, the new possibility is this:
Instead of smoothing the path for humanity by alleviating suffering, our new role is to demonstrate unprecedented levels of well-being. In other words, the new, more valuable contribution we can make now is demonstrating the safety, the OKness, and the attainability of living in wholeness, and having the forms in our lives express that wholeness.

Through my recent work with Theodore, and carried upon the energy of our group alignment, we have created the "doorway out." (The inner messages have shifted from "There's more to go" to "You've done it. All you need to do is stabilize here.")

The next step is to invite you to join your energies and Intention with ours, to align our power as Group to consciously clear your personal connection to that path, and to become the energies of the new paradigm more completely.

I think that as more of us stabilize in this shift, it will appear as an irresistible next step to more and more of humanity.

You may be a much higher being than you are aware of!

While everyone is clearing the unconsciousness for themselves on a personal level, people on this Bodhisattva Path are also clearing the unconsciousness for humanity at a planetary level.

The veils have been lifting. Some of us have been receiving new images and awareness of who we are. (Individually, who you are.) Many of you are already very high beings. Prior to these veils lifting, we were convinced that we were doing the best we could to learn, and grow, and move through our issues. We were convinced that these were "our" issues, and we were struggling to learn and gain mastery with them.

As the veils lift, it becomes obvious that you have already mastered many of the issues you've been struggling with. That the real purpose of experiencing these issues was to demonstrate how to be with them in love -- to contribute to the collective consciousness of humanity the energy pattern of experiencing, embracing, and completing. Part of what we have been doing here is bringing awareness, love and light into many of the unconscious patterns of humanity -- completing the unconsciousness itself.

The areas you have the greatest mastery with in previous lives are the ones you chose to contribute at a planetary level in this life. For example, let's say you have a previous life in which you had a remarkably nurturing, empowering, deeply intimate relationship, and successfully communicated through everything that came up. Because of your great mastery with relationship skills in previous lives, in this life, you (at a soul level) chose to take on clearing all the barriers most people have that keep them from mastering THEIR relationships. To do this, you set up a life in which you would deliberately experience those barriers (i.e., being not-seen, projected upon, held at bay from full intimacy, being related to as an adversary rather than a partner, and so on).

Having those experiences while you are set up to contribute your shifts to the collective consciousness, allows your "demonstration of how to be with these issues" to be transmitted to all of humanity.

From your soul's perspective, you are now "wired into" the collective consciousness of humanity. Every time you encounter the barriers you have chosen to transform, you are contributing your demonstration of "how to be with these barriers." From your perspective, it will look like you are wrestling with an issue that shouldn't be a problem for you. It can feel like it doesn't fit with who you know yourself to be.

There is a good chance the issues that appear to be never ending are ones in which you are connected as a contributor to transforming the collective consciousness. This is a big part of the contribution we came here to make.

In addition to the many unique contributions you are and will be making, shifting this path of the Bodhisattva is a group contribution that you are a part of.

Some signs you may be on this path:

If you are on this path, you would probably enjoy working with the special set of Guided Journeys

I recommend you ask your soul if these tapes would benefit you. Even if you're not sure you're on this path, these tapes can be valuable in helping you renegotiate your path with your soul, to have it be smoother, more joyful, and more nurturing to you.

By the way, this path is not contagious. You may have experienced friends or students pull away from you when they saw how intense your path had become. It is common for sensitive light workers who are not functioning primarily as Planetary Consiousness Clearers to react with fear to a Planetary Consiousness Clearer. They simply do not want their path to become as difficult as the Planetary Consiousness Clearer's. The thought of this terrifies them.

Being on this path is a choice that occurs at a soul level. You don't "catch it" from someone. I have a student who has been with me for over 10 years now. She is not on this path. She has received tremendous value from her frequent participation with me, yet the Bodhisattva Path has never "rubbed off" on her.

Conversely, if you ARE on this path, you can't pretend or wish yourself off it. I suggest you take responsibility for it, and Intend to move through it with dignity and grace. I invite you to join with us, aligning your energies with ours in transforming what it is to be on this path.

Update 1:

Shifting at Last!

As some of you know, my personal journey has involved some extremely intense planetary consciousness clearing. I am glad to report I have been sensing noteworthy progress, and feeling some new openings in the flow.
I don't always share all of this process with everyone, because it can seem pretty "out there." However, I think this message, while intended for me, may speak to some of you as well. Let me know if it does.

Your role has been the unfolding of consciousness on the planet. You've been carving pathways of consciousness, opening up new modes of being and new possibilities. And yet you've been opening them as a context. As you create these openings and this context, the many, many light beings you've experienced supporting you on this path are continuing to hold those pathways open. So you need not fear about going too far out, and humanity not being able to keep up, and having the gap close behind you.

We know that some can be concerned about the need to stabilize and hold open the shifts you have made. But this is not a problem. Right now your function, your role in this purpose, is to carve those pathways, to open that, to unfold consciousness into these new realms. As you do this, all the light beings supporting you are gathering around to hold that energetic doorway open, so that all of humanity gets the privilege of operating in a context that supports and encourages, and indeed makes it easier for higher consciousness to unfold.

You have been doing your work well. There is not that much more to go before you get to have the break, and enjoy the openings you have created. And of course, within this space, within this opening you've created, you will be among the first to soar the highest, reaping the benefits of what you have opened.

But first we ask you to press on a bit more, to continue to bring through this light, to continue to expand consciousness. And you need not worry about stabilizing yet, right now just press through.

The vision you have seen of that "hole" reaching from heaven through the consciousness of the earth, and meeting the hole on the other side of earth consciousness, where heaven can now pierce through the very center of earth consciousness, and begin to infuse into it from the middle -- that was an accurate perception.

So know that while your work is not yet done, the work you have done is remarkable -- the openings you've made possible here are an absolute, miraculous phenomenon. And all will benefit tremendously from the light doorways that you have made available.

Update 2:

Now That Your Path is Shifting

As I began to feel my path and energy shifting from the intensely difficult phase of the Bodhisattva Path, I had the thought:
"Now that I've gone through the worst of this Bodhisattva Path, maybe my natural flow will automatically open up for me, and I'll be divinely restored to graceful well-being. I felt like I deserved to be rewarded for having endured so much pain. In fact, having the Universe bestow an abundance of blessings upon me would be a great way to validate my path."

It then occurred to me: maybe going through hell was only the first part of the process, while reclaiming myself, and re-establishing my power and ability to create in the world was the second part.

Humanity doesn't need to be taught "how to be rescued." They could, however, benefit tremendously from being shown how to pick themselves up from adversity, and create their way out!

Your job is to demonstrate how to stay loving while moving through some of the most difficult patterns of consciousness, and also demonstrate how to re-claim your power, and re-establish yourself as a creator in the earth plane. That's the completing step on the process: to not only go through hell and back, but to reclaim yourself as a Master of Flow.

It's not like you'll just be lifted up and told, "OK, you did good, here's your reward now." Rather, your process includes: to actually have gone through hell, come back, reclaim yourself as a Master, and show up successfully creating on purpose. That completes the pattern of what needs to be shown to humanity.

When you're in the process of regaining yourself, you get to start doing the things that used to create results for you - before you entered "the Bodhisattva Breakdown." You will start feeling some long-awaited inner shifts, (for example, bringing in the energy of prosperity,) and you will feel the energy of things in your life moving again. (The energy within and about you may have felt stuck, or frozen for a long time.)

Yes, you can now have what you want, but you have to create it. You are now free to use all the techniques that didn't work for you while you were in the Bodhisattva Breakdown Mode - except now you'll find they work for you. (This assumes they were valid techniques in the first place). Whereas before you've been unplugged from the normal rules of manifesting, and were operating in a different mode, making the Bodhisattva contribution, now you get to come back and utilize the tools of creation that allowed others to successfully create.

So reclaiming yourself is an important completion phase of the Bodhisattva process, in which you get to reclaim your power, and come back online.

Free Coaching For Completing the Difficult Phase of the Bodhisattva Path

Empowering Yourself on Your Path

If you would like, I would be happy to send you some additional coaching (no charge) that I consider very important for completing the difficult phase of the Bodhisattva Path. Just send me an email to let me know you read this page, and share a little bit about who you are, or what you're going through.

If you are not clear that you have made “the shift,” I made a special set of Guided Journeys to assist you in shifting your path, and help you stabilize in the new paradigm: make it a priority to order these journeys. It is in your best interest to be vibrating with "the new reality" as soon as possible. Click on the following link for more information:
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If you do feel like you have shifted your path, and are moving into a smoother phase, we have some guided journeys that may be "what's next" for you.

  • Establishing Your Empowered Self
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    The reason is, there's no alignment from the world, to keep your pattern intact. The world's commitment is to unconsciousness and hiding; and your commitment to bring through clarity and enlightenment is a threat to that unconsciousness and hiding. In other words, the transformational influence that you are is constantly interfacing with the stagnation, fear and status quo of the unconsciousness in the earth plane.
    This can leave you feeling tired or drained, and perhaps not as focused as you would like.

    The "Establishing Your Empowered Self" set of Guided Journeys will help you to deliberately establish your personal energy pattern stably, and Self-determined, throughout your energy field. This will stabilize and strengthen your presence in the earth plane.

    Rather than struggling to try to fulfill your purpose from a condition in which the enlightened energy you sense is not fully allowed to set up, you can use these journeys to establish a clearly defined energy field around you in which your energies – your higher paradigm patterns, your life purpose, your connection to source, the energies and patterns of your contribution here – all of the energies of support and empowerment you are given, deliberately have space to be and exist within your energy field.

    You will be far more effective if you can establish the channels of flow that allow Joy to move through you. You need to be able to radiate the light of your purpose. With your New Paradigm Context stably in place, you will continue to work with shifting the energies in the world; but now you can shift them from the outer edges of your Joy. The unenlightened patterns of humanity get shifted from your well-being, not from you trudging through clearing the unconsciousness. Establish your equilibrium, your joy and your well-being. Make it joyful for you!

    These Guided journeys will first be offered as part of an online seminar. They will later be available as mp3s or on CDs; but they are not yet listed on the web site. If you are interested, I can let you know how to get them.

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    Having bodhisattvas taking on this shift would be a remarkable service to humanity. Bodhisattvas can not only clear the unconsciousness out of this breakthrough for themselves, but they can also clear the unconsciousness out of this breakthrough for humanity. Your participation in this program would be a remarkable service to all of us, including yourself.

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The Leaders in Consciousness Program

The Leaders in Consciousness Program

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