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Guided Energy Meditations by Theodore

Channeled by Ray Hix

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You can learn to use the power of your soul and support from the higher dimensions to create important shifts in various areas of your life. In each journey, Theodore works with you and your soul to assist you in opening to a smoother, more joyful and flowing path of growth. Theodore is often joined by many high beings. They too contribute various forms of light and energy work to enhance your process of awakening. Many have come to enjoy the rich heart openings, the expanded sense of harmony and flow, and the easy access to higher wisdom available through these journeys.

In these meditations, Theodore is transmitting soul-quality essence frequencies such as love, fulfillment, clarity, and many others. This transmission actually fine-tunes your energy field so as to strengthen and call forth higher qualities in you. Since he lives in a dimension beyond time and space, Theodore is able to find your energy over the course of time you listen to these journeys. Each time you listen to one of these tapes, you are tuning in to Theodore's transmission of light.

As you continue to work with these tapes you are adding light to your aura, and raising your vibration. Most people find that these tapes tend to "grow with them" in that, as you continue to go higher yourself, you will be able to open to even richer experiences with these journeys.

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Volume 3 - Heart and SoulHot!

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Healing the Subpersonality That Allows Love:

Expanding and Balancing Love:

Opening the Jewel of Light in Your Heart:

Radiating Soul Love:

Receiving From and As Your Soul:

Bringing Soul and Spiritual Sun Into Your Energy Centers:

Receiving in the Soul Planes Journey 1:

Receiving in the Soul Planes Journey 2:

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Volume 4 - Skills of MasteryHot!

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Connecting With Your Soul :

Acquiring a Skill :

Clearing and Transforming Blocks :

Exploring the Universal Mind :

Five Spinning Beings :

Allowing Your Higher Flow :

Feeling the Light :

Navigating the Flow :

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Communicating With Angels Tape
Two Journeys to Meet and Work With Angels

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Meet Your Angel Sponsor:
    Open as your angel transmits a particular soul quality it would like to share with you. Receive assistance from your angel with something in your life. Discover how you can most effectively utilize your angel in your day-to-day life.

Experiencing Angel Consciousness:
    Join consciousness with an angel. Experience this angel's connection to the God-source, as it shares its special gift with you. Receive a message or play with the angel any way you like. Join a group of angels, as they transmit waves of love, clarity, grace, and fulfillment.

The "Guided Journeys to Meet and Work With Angels" consists of two journeys,
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Volume 1- Lifting Upward

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Floating on the Current of Life :
    Excellent meditation for letting go of struggle, effort, and the need to control, and developing deeper skill for tuning into and trusting the flow of life.

Raising Your Ceiling of "Too Good" :
    A powerful journey for lifting the unconscious limitations you have on how good you're willing to have it, and how much love you allow into your life.

Opening to Love :
    Connect with your soul and Theodore as they work to open you to expanded levels of love. Bring expanded love to your physical and emotional bodies for healing. Bring love into yourself in the area of relationship. Put love into your highest path of light, and experience your love reflected back to you.

Opening to Joy :
    Find a note of joy within you and allow it to build. Draw to you beings of light to support and enhance your joy. Bring joy to an area of your life that you'd like to uplevel. Receive guidance on how to receive more joy in your life.

Letting Your Soul Work Through You :
    Experience trust. Open yourself to the ease and effortlessness of letting your soul work through you. Experience life as a soul-infused personality.

Abundance Tune-up :
    A powerful journey to bring high frequencies of expansion in the areas of abundance, fulfillment, prosperity, and love. Open your energy through your chakras, and bring in the light of your soul.

Bringing Light to an Area of Your Life :
    Open to a high, harmonized, light-filled, flowing state, and bring that beauty into a specific area of your life, to raise the quality of that area.

Initiation Ceremony :
    Step up to a new spiritual awareness, and new level of mastery. Connect with the Universal Mind, enhance your life purpose, align your will with your part in the divine plan. Open to a new level of ease in all that you manifest. Receive initiation from a great master of light, & special transmissions from Theodore.

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Volume 2 - Enhancing Earth Life

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