Radiant Heart Order Form

Radiant Heart Productions Order Form

How to Order by Mail

Use this order form to pay by sending a Check or Money Order through the mail.
(To order online with Credit Card, just use the "Add to Cart" buttons on the page of product or service you want.)

1.) Fill out the form below. Total your order, add shipping (No sales tax for internet purchases). Be sure to include your shipping address.
2.) Print one copy to include with your payment.
3.) Press the submit button. Your order will be confirmed by email and ready to ship when your payment arrives.
4.) Make check payable to Ray Hix, or to Radiant Heart Productions.
We are changing our mailing address. Please call or e-mail to confirm before Mailing the printed form and your payment to:

Radiant Heart Productions
P.O. Box
Berkeley, CA 94707-8448

Your Information

Radiant Heart Productions will not give any of this information to other companies.