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The Planets

Opening Inquiry and Context For Communicating With the Planets

Do the planets really have an influence on us?
Is your experience of the planets shaped by superstition (what others have told you), or is your experience of the planets a result of direct communication with them?
Is it possible to have a direct relationship with these great beings -- an energy exchange that is independent of their position in the solar system?
Do they give special gifts and messages to those who can communicate with them?

to intro on planets:
I realized that everything I "knew" about the planets and astrology was what others had told me. That's practically the definition of a superstition. My conceptual information was shaping my experience of astrology.

Knowing that I had tuned in to the soul of the Earth, and discovered a huge, loving consciousness that was far more loving and powerful than what I had been led to believe, I decided to tune in to the souls of each of the planets in our solar system, and experience them first hand. I wanted to find out directly from them, who they are, who they are for me, and what they want to contribute to humanity. "How can we assist each other in bringing in these new paradigms to the earth plane?"

There is an Intelligence that has each of these planets be the energy that they are. In our symbology, we could refer to that Intelligence as a Being, or the soul of the planet. We can use that as our "interface" in, as a tool to communicate with this Intelligence. But the bottom line is, there is an Intelligence there that we can tap into.

We are piercing through all the superstition, myth, and belief systems about astrology, by meeting the souls of these planets, and having direct experience with them. They are conscious beings, huge and divine, with a phenomenal amount of steadiness. These beings do have an influence on us, just as the soul of earth has a powerful influence on us.


"We want you to know that much of the turbulence you've been experiencing recently has been your way of clearing the unconsciousness so that you might step into this next level of lifting the veils. For what we have planned for you is so huge, that we will be asking you in future journeys to align with other planetary beings so that your entire solar system can come in alignment with you, to help you step into the shifts, to bring through the levels of well-being that you're going to. Just know that we have not let you out of our awareness for a moment, that your life is unfolding on purpose, and that we are here with you for this journey." 

From a Guided Journey by Theodore: 
For indeed there has been talk, and rightly so, about aligning your energies with the planetary beings that make up your solar system. For what you are preparing for is an expansion of being and identity. Where in the beginning you were taking responsibility for your personal creations, for what you call your personality, and your growth. And as you have gotten better at that, you expanded to take responsibility for your relationship issues, and then group, and community, and then planetary shifts. 

And now to expand this responsibility, to expand your identity, you are moving out into the entire solar system, to extend your sense of harmony and flow to these other large, divine beings that make up your solar system. For as you have reached into this oneness space from many perspectives, you are now beginning to see how large this being that you call Source is -- how many infinite expressions it can take on. For you are exploring the quality of source that we could call Infinity, as you continue to expand your boundaries, and move outward.

And yet, we will be reminding you to bring that expansion back into your knowingness and beingness in your earthly personality -- to live as this expanded being, in touch with the cosmos, flowing with divine energy, and all of your personality lighting up to reflect and display your inner connections. 

You might feel that this particular configuration of these beings is here to warm your heart. Feel as they set up in such a way that there are flows that can move through your heart, that caress it, that soothe it, that help relieve some of the turmoil of your heart, raising the vibration of your heart. So that once again you can radiate as the magnificent heart being that you are. We will be silent for a moment, as you just ride these flows, and allow for the transformation and enlightenment of your heart. Just enjoy it as a gift from these heavenly beings.

And we're calling these beings to a place of alignment now, as we in the other dimensions are showing these beings, these heavenly bodies, the vision for what we are leading you into. We are showing them the energy of what you have been calling "The New Paradigm." And feel as these heavenly bodies begin to resonate, to take on the energies of The New Paradigm. As you stand with that circle of beings around you, and feel as each one of these beings begin to resonate with that new paradigm in their own unique way. Feel how they expand it, as each one adds a unique reflection, a unique expression of it. Just like when many of you gather together, each of you holds your unique frequencies of Source, and together you make a greater whole. So it is with these planetary beings. As they resonate with this divine purpose that you've been calling The New Paradigm, they can flush it out and make it much more real, more full, more whole, and indeed more wholesome to you. 

Feel the vibration of this New Paradigm, as is transmitted not only by us in the higher dimensions, but by these heavenly bodies throughout your solar system. Feel as each of these beings offers its unique perspective to you, the wholeness that you're surrounded with. We will be quiet for a moment, and just allow you to bathe and drink in this new paradigm that is amplified and presented to you in its unique, new way. Simply allow your being to resonate with this, to be lifted. 

Would you like more info on The Planets?

We don't want to tell you to substitute our beliefs for the beliefs you got from others. However, if you would like to read about our experiences interacting with the souls of some of the planets, just click here and we will email you a free transcription of me and some of the members of my Core Group sharing our experiences of communicating with these great beings.

For Awakening Your Light Body Graduates Only

If you are an Awakening Your Light Body Graduate, and would like to experience the guided journeys Theodore gave us to explore the planets, and create relationship with them, you can find out more about the tape set by clicking here.