Clarity: Lifting the Veils to Self and Self-expression

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Experience Your Purest Essence of Self,
Your Contribution and Soul's Purpose

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"How purely can you find your Essence?
How completely can you open to the sweet, transforming light of your own connection to Source?"

What does it mean to lift the veils to who you are? If you get an answer to a question, is that lifting the veils? If you receive guidance about the next steps to take, is that lifting the veils?

While answers are useful, and guidance quite practical, neither one requires your transformation. Don't get me wrong, answers and guidance can definitely help you operate better in the world you know. It's great to get information about your path. It's great to get insights and answers about what's next. Yet there is something profoundly transcendent about stepping into your next level of knowing Who You Are, your next stage of evolution.

We've all had so many influences throughout our lives that have obscured our true nature. We have been bombarded with many different opinions, beliefs, and interpretations about what you should be, do and have. In fact, many of our "choices" have simply been reactions against those influences, rather than seeing our highest path from a clear knowing of our deepest Self.

Your (and others) concepts of you will by nature, always be much more limited than the actual You. It is possible to find your "Pre-mind Essence," the You as you exist before devolving into thought. You can also find your life purpose from this pre-thought state. Finding and experiencing yourself at this level expands and empowers your concepts about yourself.

The guided meditations in these tapes are for discovering your Self from higher perspectives. They facilitate a returning to YOUR truth, YOUR Self, YOUR contribution. These journeys contain special energy transmissions to help you:

The Journeys:

Side 1 Receiving Clarity Transmissions
Bathe in powerful Transmissions from many Masters of Light, as they transmit the purest frequencies of Clarity into your energy field.

Side 2 Asking Soul About Purpose, Role, Path, etc.
Your life purpose is continually evolving as you move through your lessons and make the next steps of your contributions. Receive light to empower your Life Purpose, and then ask about your purpose, your current role, and your path ahead; as many light beings set an energy field to make it easier for you to receive messages.

Side 3 Transmissions For Self-Love and Lord Self
Receive a sweet gift of light and energy to help you Love yourself unconditionally, and begin to open your awareness of and ability to experience your Lord Self - an aspect of your expanded consciousness.

Side 4 New Paradigm: Pure Essence Light
Bring streams of Pure Essence Energy into your heart from beyond the veils. Give permission to all of your being to join that shift, being moved and carried upon the light. Allow your light to go out with it's own intelligence, with you being the peaceful source at the center of the light. Let this light move into your previous creations, through your personality, demonstrating a new paradigm of Self-transformation.

Side 5 Expanding Being: Pure Self, Life Purpose
Receive support from a group of masters from a very high dimension, who teach about absorbing larger volumes of light and consciousness. Especially for people who wrestle with the need to control life, working with the Volume Beings can be a very helpful way to get beyond that need to grip and control. Instead of struggling with your need to control, the Volume Beings can teach you how to open to greater and greater flows. For just as trying to control and limit your world and your experience is a skill that you have developed, so too, learning how to allow greater flows is a skill that you can develop. So instead of trying to fight a negative (resisting the need to control), you are learning to create a positive (opening to more).
Become a larger energy presence, receiving frequencies of clarity to be aware of the infinite dance of life that is contained within and about you. Allow the qualities of magic and aliveness to increase. Remove layers of unconsciousness, adjusting to the raw, unfiltered beauty of this light. Bring a new fluidity to the patterns that make up your personality. Receive a message on how to more completely express your life purpose in the world.

Side 6 Energy Structures of Your Contribution
You will be guided in this journey to experience the energy patterns that have been, and are being built into your aura, that represent the contributions that you will be making.
Many Powerful Beings of light reach through dimensions to transmit to you, to support you in more fully making your contribution in the earth plane. Begin to notice the light structures and energy patterns that have become a part of who you are. Find the energy patterns that source the contribution you are here to make, as they exist in their "pre-thought" state. As you find the contribution you are here to make in this pure state, before it devolves into thoughts, you can learn a great deal. This is a great exercise in "para-cerebral knowing."
Notice how the energy structures that represent the contribution you're here to make in the earth plane have changed or expanded. Learn about the contribution you're here to make: how you are being empowered in your purpose here; and how you can best create a shift in an area of your choice in your life.

Side 7 Expanding Into Divine Intelligence
Allow your energy to open another level out, as the flow of Divine Intelligence caresses your heart, lifting and clearing your mind, becoming a conduit for magical energy. Shift from being a holder of miracle frequencies, to a being a Co-Creator, joining as source. As co-creator with source, direct these miracle frequencies into the area of your life that could most benefit from them at this time.

Side 8 Carried and Empowered By Divine Purpose
Experience streams of light and clarity, as a clearing quality moves into your space, caressing, enlightening, transforming and evolving your energy field. Experience a partnership of joy, as the space you are, meets the exquisite energy of Divine Will. Get comfortable with this feeling of being exquisitely infused with Divine Purpose. For as you feel more peaceful with it, you can relax into that feeling of being carried upon the energy of Divine Purpose. The more you are infused with Divine Will, the more you feel yourself ripe with magic, ripe with possibilities.

The background music used in these journeys is by Michael Hammer.

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