Becoming a Channel For Miracles

Guided Journeys on CD, Tape, and as mp3 Downloads to
Allow the Higher Energies of the Universe
to Move Gracefully Through You

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This is not a collection of manifesting techniques which you, unchanged, can add to your tool belt. Rather this is a profound shift in being, to a new mode of operating in the world, where you become a clearing -- an opening for the higher energies of the universe to move gracefully through you -- naturally drawing to you your highest good. As you open these new channels of flow, you become magnetic to all that is on your highest path, to all that helps you fulfill your purpose in being here.

Throughout all of these journeys, Theodore has arranged for some key beings of light to create a powerful new initiation for you. They will key your vibration to a higher level, empowering you to attract, allow and embrace your highest good -- at far greater levels of fulfillment. The music is by Michael Hammer.

The Journeys:

Side 1 Wearing the Energy of Magnificence and Power
Many beings of light transmit to shift your vibration to new levels of magnificence, and to open in safety. Wear the energy of a specific kind of magnificence. Allow the expansion, flow, and vitality to carry you. Experience grace and undiverted, irrepressible power. Receive a message about your next level of expressing magnificence in the earth plane. 

Side 2 Aligning Personality For Full Self- Expression
Breathe expanded light patterns into your body, and aura, as your soul and many light beings direct miracle frequencies of full self-expression and magnificence, to help you open in an area of your choice. Receive a message on how to move into a new level of magnificence. Feel new alignment as light beings transmit to transform key doubts and fears. 

Side 3 Adding Harmonizing Love to Your Magnificence
The masters send harmonious love, as you mingle this frequency with all the other frequencies you've taken on. Your soul reveals potentials for magnificence you contain, as the masters transmit the energy shifts you need to manifest these potentials. Join in group synergy to contribute these shifts. Bring the stability of expanded Group Being into your personality. 

Side 4 Being Empowered as a Channel For Miracles
A Great Master of shifting entire universes empowers you as a key doorway into making a shift in this dimension. This Master transmits the big picture to your soul, and builds support into your being. 

Side 5 Bringing Miracle Energy to an Area of Your Life
The Master opens a channel for miracles throughout your energy. Bringing your awareness here expands your consciousness, altering you. As you think of an area in which you'd like to experience a miracle, open for the powers of the universe to move gracefully through you. Receive a message about right action or any personality shift needed to allow for this miracle. 

Side 6 Becoming a Master of Flow
Two beings join the Master to support your initiation into a new state of being, becoming flow at all new levels, opening your ability to manifest as a wizard. Experience light directly from source moving into your energy. Even a little burst of this light can create a very profound shift throughout your being. 

Side 7 Shifting to Allow Miracles
Open more completely to allow divine energies to move through you, feeling shifts occurring within you. Ask your soul to open your energy patterns so you become open to miracles. Receive a message about the next miracle for you, and any shift you need. 

Side 8 Embodying Miracle Frequencies
A series of light beings impart energy gifts important to you at this time, and help tune your awareness to Source Energy. Experience yourself as a magic being, energy miracles unfolding throughout your being. Enjoy being taken care of by divine intelligence and yet co-creating with it. Broadcast thi s consciousness to anyone who would enjoy it. Extend miracle frequencies into an area of your life. 

The background music used in these journeys is by Michael Hammer.

Here are some quotes from Theodore from these journeys:
"You are laying the foundation for miracles to occur. More important than you manifesting something is the fact that you are becoming a channel for miracles in your life. Just allow this shift in being, allow yourself to step up in vibration to this new level of flow."
"We encourage you to have this state be a regular state of being for you in your day-to-day life. This is truly available to you, and one of the most powerful contributions you could make is to demonstrate living from this level of flow in your day-to-day life."
"The shift you have embraced has opened to you new levels of power. With this new allowance that you have stepped into, you have access to assistance from incredibly high beings."
"As you add this quality of harmonious love to all the other qualities you have opened to, it completes and transforms them all. For when this frequency is present, it is an irresistible, seductive force. And without this harmony, sometimes your love and magnificence can be a polarizing energy to those who are afraid."
"For indeed, when you reach this level of flow, there are no distractions to siphon off your power, and you are free to express your full power, to be the large magnificent being that you are. Return to this place often to bring through this energy, this potential for magnificence. For indeed, the more fully you get used to wearing this energy, the more natural it will be for you to express this in the forms about you in the earth plane."
"Allow all of your energy to shift, to be moved, to join that flow. For at a very deep, profound level of being, you are giving permission for your entire being to be a clearing, an opening for the higher forces of the universe to begin to move gracefully through you. You are surrendering all that you are to be played by the universe, like the grand instrument you are, allowing these higher forces to move through you, like a bow across a violin, evoking the sweetest tones from you, emitting the most profound energy." 

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