Guided Journeys to Empower Enlightened Communication

If you look at most of the communication tapes from catalogs like Nightingdale-Conant, you begin to notice that most of them are offering you "more and better" techniques for getting your agenda across. But ask yourself this: How do you feel when you know someone is applying a technique on you? Probably manipulated, maybe even resentful. Yet some people can successfully use those techniques.

Why do these techniques work for some and fail miserably for others? You know how you feel when someone is manipulating you, or using a technique on you. You also know how you feel when someone is communicating authenically from their heart.

There are qualities of being that you are always radiating, and people pick up these (usually below conscious awareness) emanations that are coming from you. It's Who You Are, and where you're coming from that determines whether your communication (including techniques) succeed or not.

This is why our work focuses so much on creating shifts in Being. When you are being a person who is respectable, you evoke respect from those around you. When you are being "someone worth paying attention to," you evoke the attention of those about you. Conversely, if you are emitting the qualities of "somebody nobody pays attention to," then no matter how well-crafted your words, you'll have difficulty getting people to pay attention to you.

These guided journeys can empower your ability to come from wholeness and bring richer qualities into your communication. They work at an energy level to shift your ability to communicate from the inside out, thereby making any conscious efforts at better communication more successful.

The tapes in this volume are designed to help shift the very core of your being, helping you experience a stronger sense of oneness and connection. Working with these tapes can soften your heart, and empower you to embody a state of being that allows any "techniques" you use to come across authenically. So rather than offering you more techniques, these journeys are designed to put you in touch with your power to communicate. Like all of Theodore's journeys, they feel wonderful just to do them.

The Journeys:

Side 1 Empowering Your Ability To Communicate
Use this journey to work at an energy level to empower your ability to communicate in the earth plane. Find as energy, various aspects of your ability to communicate, and infuse yourself with Divine Qualities of the New Paradigm of Communication. Bring the space of Oneness, light, love and wholeness into your ability to communicate.

Side 2 Completing Your Experience
If you cannot embrace, be with, and allow your own experience, how can you expect others to recreate your experience for you?
There is a phrase: "What you resist, persists." When you resist an experience, the very act of your resistance keeps you stuck with the experience. This journey will help you be with, explore and embrace your experience, so that you can free up any energy you have been holding and stuck with. This journey alone is worth the price of this entire volume of tapes.

Side 3 Creating From Source: Intending Communication
Expand beyond your concepts of identity, beyond space time concepts of position, and open to an experience of yourself as "a space," as a Generating Principle. Generate a context for communication, an intelligent force that extends out beyond you and creates alignment in the beings about you. Use this journey to gain experience with that state of being, from which communication arises.

Side 4 Intention: Aligning With Power
Discover yourself as co-creator with the larger flows around you, reclaiming your power. Bring through information on how to be in touch with your power in the earth plane. Stabilize at this larger flow of energy. Intend that any part of you that might be having trouble with it is upleveled and enlightened. Lift the veils to knowing yourself at a deeper level. Create being more completely gotten and known by the people around you. Intend that your power to source Intention in your life unfolds and opens right before your eyes. Reach into the larger Creation, find the Intention for Heart, the Intention for Love. Give permission for your heart to come on line at the levels you've always known are possible.

Side 5 Heart Expansion
Fill yourself with the energy of divine light, and your empowered life purpose, as you increase your stability in the light. Feel your heart evolve as enlightened patterns are built into your heart. Let your mind rise in vibration to match that vibration of your expanded heart, so that the thoughts you think come from love, express love, and generate love in others. Experience the qualities of safety, courage, trust, and softness -- being transmitted into your ability to communicate -- allowing a new depth of love to move into your ability to communicate.

Side 6 Expanding & Strengthening Heart Presence
Use this journey to build the qualities of fulfillment and harmony into your heart, combining those frequencies with your own unique heart signature, to become a larger, more stable heart presence in your physical reality.
As your heart radiates expanded love light, you emanate the qualities of safety and harmony for opening in love -- both for yourself and others. You become a seductive "invitation to love." People can more gracefully move into that love space just by being in your presence.
Evolve the parts of you that are most able to live from this love space, and absorb this new heart opening as the place to come from. Bring healing to any any parts of you that perhaps have had doubts or even fear about moving into that completely.
Send a call to all the souls who are working in the earth plane, to bring a stronger heart presence for the collective consciousness of humanity.
Establish the pure light of your your soul's pattern, that essence of who you are, so you become a more complete expression of your soul in the earth plane. Shift your self-identity to help you know yourself more surely as this radiant being of light, as this magnificent heart presence in the earth realm.

Side 7 Creating Love, Well-Being, Being Known
Utilize your power to create, to call forth a new you, who is radiating well-being, and cherished. Experience yourself as a Generating Principal, create a new energy field of alignment within and about you, and call forth the purest vibration of being seen, known, loved and appreciated. Let that feeling of "being cherished" move into your energy, to reorganize your mind, emotions, heart and soul, so that your experience of yourself as a deeply cherished being becomes more real for you.

Side 8 Bringing Communication to Your Personality & Earth
Remembering your oneness, remembering you're a creator; linking up with similar souls on the earth plane who are making a contribution similar to yours. Think of an area of your life you'd like to have evolved with these energies. Empower the part of you that CAN source relationship, heal the parts of you that are afraid. Receive a transmission to help you love all aspects of yourself. Create a new level of alignment with yourself to move forward in love with yourself.

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