Creating and Dissolving Form

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The Art of
Conscious Manifesting
Intentionally Creating Your Reality

This is a course in learning to place your radiance into everything in your life -- creating and manifesting objects, relationships, events and situations that can most hold and reflect your light. In addition to manifesting higher forms, we also want the experience of manifesting effortlessly, gracefully, easily. We want to feel supported by the universe, have life pour smoothly through us, and feel joyously one with a higher flow.

With your awakened Light Body you've been able to make a much stronger connection to source. This next step is to more fully identify with and live as source -- transfering your identity out of the seperate little self, shifting your identity into the expanded source of all that you create.

Part Two: Creating and Dissolving Form This part of the course focuses on dissolving resisted realities that you may feel stuck with, and learning effortless techniques of the masters to create and bring forth the reality you prefer. You are already good at manifesting. Everything you have in your life validates your power as a manifestor. By approaching each of your creations as source, you reclaim your original power, and are free to redirect that power into creating something else. By bringing consciousness and alignment to your creations, you can choose which ones you want to experience, and which ones you want to discreate.

In addition to gaining new mastery with our physical reality, we will also take responsibility for the filters we've created that shape and limit our experience of the higher realms. These filters influence the guidance we receive, the lessons we "need" to experience, and how high we are able to soar into those ecstatic spaces.Part Two: Advanced Techiques For Creating and Dissolving Form

Guided Meditations by Ray Hix & Theodore Recorded Live 1995 Ray Hix

Side 1 Learning in the Universal Mind
Side 2 Discovering Your Intention
Side 3 Completing Your Experience
Side 4 Discreating a Belief
Side 5 Being Magnetic to Higher Forms
Side 6 Creating Context with Gridworks
Side 7 Installing a Belief in Your Aura
Side 8 Shifting to a Higher Reality

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