Receiving Soul Guidance

Some Notes On Receiving Guidance From Your Soul, Or a Guide

By Ray Hix

Can I Trust This?

When we receive inner guidance, most people want to know if the guidance is right or wrong, accurate or not accurate. Actually, there are three possible ways to hear communication from your soul. I will briefly describe these three ways, and offer some sign posts on how to recognize each of the modes. I'll also recommend how to respond to each.

  • 1. Matter-of-Fact Guidance

  • This is a literal, right-on answer. Your soul wants you to do or know what it is telling you.
    The usual feeling with this kind of answer is an inner sense of "Yes. This feels right."
    In this case, follow the guidance you get.

    2. Coaching For Positioning
    This kind of communication is not so much that your soul really wants you to do what they tell you to, but rather your soul wants you in the position you will be in when you engage in doing what they tell you to do.
    The usual feeling with this kind of answer is one of puzzlement and possibility.
    In this case, it is also best to follow the guidance you get. Doing so both builds trust between you and your soul, and also brings you to the place your soul wants to bring you.

    3. Something is Off With This
    The guidance may be distorted or filtered (by you or someone channeling for you) and you are not receiving the most empowering answer.

  • A. It could be bad timing. You might not be ready to hear it.

  • B. The communication could be wrong, mistaken or too distorted to be useful.
  • C. You might not be ready for this particular shift, and therefore, unable to hear.
  • In this case, part or all of you will not feel aligned with the guidance. It may feel like it doesn't resonate as truth for you.
    In this case, trust your intuition and just go for what you're ready for. Have it be OK if you can't resonate with it. You don't have to make yourself wrong, and you don't have to make the person that channeled for you wrong. Just let it go, and trust that you'll be given what you need, moment by moment.

    Do I Have To?
    You always have free will as to whether you accept the guidance or not. Even if it's perfectly right on, you have free choice, and you're not "wrong" if you choose to not follow the guidance.

    In my experience, the times I decide not to follow the guidance, I usually wish I had. The experience makes me much more willing to trust the guidance and follow it next time. However, the "rebellion," the not following the guidance, is an important part of the path. It lets you know that you have a choice, that it's not somebody's will forced upon you that you must surrender to. Rather, it's a wisdom you can utilize. If you're feeling like you "have to go along with this will from a greater authority than you," your resentment can dampen your spirit and impede your path. When you can choose it as "wisdom you can utilize," you'll get more out of it.

    It's not a question of being right or wrong, it's a question of what's the most empowering to you at the moment. There may be times when your need to feel your own validity, where your choice as a personality is just as important as the recommendation your soul or guides would make to you. In that case, having the freedom to go for what you want is more empowering than resentfully following guidance.

    It's only when you can completely own the guidance as "there to serve you" that it really empowers you.

    About Soul Mate:
    Many people ask me if someone is their soul mate. Please don't get hung up on the idea that there is only one soul mate in your life. Certainly don't assume that there must be something wrong with you if you haven't been able to find just one.

    Usually it is the younger souls (that is, fewer incarnations, less spiritually evolved) that can find one mate, and stick with that mate from a young age on through old age. Often older souls (those who have incarnated a lot and have karma with many other beings) have more than one soul mate throughout their life. The further along they are on their path, the more of an opportunity it is for them to clean up their karma with each of these people. Some of the advanced master souls have chosen to come in to be a healing presence for many different souls. They too will not stick with one partner throughout their entire life, but rather will be involved with many beings (who will come and leave at the right time) to receive their gift.

    From the perspective of your soul, it is far more important that you have the experience of playing full out in life with your heart wide open, than it is to have you stick with one person for the rest of your life. If you have received a message from your soul that someone was your soul mate, and you are no longer together with that person, it does not mean that your message was wrong. Your soul was simply "positioning you" by giving you what you needed so that you would engage yourself fully in that relationship.

    Would you give your heart fully, and make your very best effort to make a relationship work if you knew that the relationship would not last forever? Most people would not. But if you do not give yourself fully, and make your very best effort to make a relationship work until you find one that will last forever, you will not have those skills available when you do find your "soul mate."

    What About Twin Flames?:

    It's important to distinguish between a conversation FOR Love, and a conversation ABOUT love. Most talk about twin flames and purple flames are conversations ABOUT love. They don't make any difference in making you a more loving person. While the idea of twin flames can excite the part of you longing for that connection, reading about that stuff is simply buying into other people's belief system. Very cerebral, not very transformative.

    I recommend you look for books and tapes that are conversations FOR love -- anything that helps enlighten you, enables you to be more accepting of others, helps you communicate your truth more fully, helps you recreate another's truth more fully, connects you with your soul and you higher purpose, and like that -- those are conversations FOR love.

    At risk of sounding like a commercial, my guided meditations on tape are definitely conversations FOR love. There are others available, but mine are my favorite. You can check our selection of tapes at

    Whether you choose mine, or someone else's, look for tapes and books that are more than mind candy. Ask yourself: What shift in being could I make that would make me more magnetic to my soul mate (or twin flame, or whatever)? What shift in being could I make that would help me relate more consciously with my soul mate when we DO connect? The answers to those questions will help give you direction in selecting the most empowering tools for yourself.

    Once you get this distinction between conversations for and about love, you are greatly empowered to accelerate your enlightenment and make yourself more attractive to higher quality Love.

    Coaching For Asking Soul Questions
    If you're really psychic, why do you need information from me? I don't claim to be "all-knowing." I do get messages, or energy impressions that translate into information that is mostly helpful and empowering. As you provide me with more information about yourself, each bit is another piece of "energy" I can sense. The more info you fill in, the more energy impressions I can get about you. It enables me to find your energy more completely.

    Your Intention to be empowered is what determines the level of value you'll receive. That is to say, if you are truly wanting and open to receive a shift, your Intention, sincerity and openness combine in synergy with mine, and together will evoke the messages that are helpful for you.

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