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As your sense of self expands, conceptual ideas like "we are all one" begin to take on a more tangibly felt realness. It becomes more obvious that transformation is not just an individual phenomenon. It exists in human beings together. We are all in the learning/awakening process. We not only learn from each other, we learn WITH each other, and from one level of consciousness, we learn AS each other.

It is only by allowing our truths and the higher energies associated with them to move through us unimpeded, that we begin to open to our full potential.

The wisdom and higher flows of energy that we experience must be allowed full expression in our lives. It is not enough to become a possessor of wisdom. To settle for being custodians of truth is to maintain the seperateness -- the gap between this world and the expanded realms, and even the gap between "us" and "them" -- the gap between those who believe/know what you do, and those who don't.

Sharing the possibility that transformation is in one's life is both a gift and a profound responsibility. It is an opportunity to contribute to another human being, to speak in a way which illumines and forwards the enlightenment of another. Yet, at the same time, always, always remembering that each person is valid exactly as they are.

Future Group Possibilities

For those who have enjoyed our group in a "warming yourself by the fire" mode, we'll be providing an opportunity for you to step into the next level of participation: "Lighting the Fire -- Sourcing Group."

What's available here is not just coming together as part of a group, but rather expanding your consciousness to the experience of Group Consciousness -- blending with source to co-create group experience. At our current stage, we need each other for the synergy to create that expansion together. However, since experiencing Group Consciousness is an expansion in consciousness, energy, and being, (and you now have the skills to explore and recreate these states,) experiencing Group Consciousness will eventually translate into an identity shift. In other words, you'll be able to return to, become and live as that expanded state of consciousness on your own.

For those of you interested in experiencing yourself as Group Consciousness, and sourcing "Group Contribution," there will also be opportunities to step into that possibility that in addition to reaping great spiritual benefits, may be financially rewarding to you.

Thanks for contributing to these shifts. 

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