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We apologize for the delay in posting new messages here. Most of Theodore's recent messages have been pretty specific to the members of the live group meetings. We do, however, have some new stuff to be posted, as soon as we can get it transcribed. Thanks for your patience.

A Holiday Message From Theodore

December 1998
Greetings from Theodore! As you prepare to receive this next level of light, we invite you to let your energy soften, to let your mind become fluid and open, and to let your emotions flow. Just giving yourself the freedom at all levels of your being for the life-force energy of the universe to move gracefully through you -- easing your concerns, softening your mind, and warming your heart.

For as we move forward here, we are approaching another holiday season. These holidays represent opportunities for wonderful heart connections with the people around you. And yet they also represent a lot of tension, many things to do, and much to handle. Some of you have already been feeling the shifts coming into the Earth plane, feeling an increased desire, and increased sense of the importance of just being as loving as you possibly can. For indeed, one of the highest purposes in being here is to bring your love and your light into this world.

We know some of you have had your attention brought to the matter of death and dying, and perhaps even begun to think of what is it you'd like to leave behind if you go. We know for many of you that, just to be remembered as someone who loved, someone who brought love wherever they went, someone who touched hearts, and opened people to a higher experience of love in your presence, that indeed is probably the greatest legacy you could leave. So we are here to transmit to you now, through this message, through these words, the light, the energy and the love, to fortify your ability to be a Love Presence in the Earth dimension.

As you are being with this message, just simply allow your heart to be touched, and feel the energy building within you, throughout you, opening to a higher expression of your love potential. Just pause for a moment and feel the love being offered. Just receive now.

Good. You can continue to play with this love, to opening, and we remind you as you prepare for yet another holiday season, that the greatest gift you give to people is the gift of your presence, of your intention, of your love, of showing up for the interaction, being truly present with another, coming from your heart and loving them exactly as they are, you are giving them the greatest of gifts. And if at any time throughout this holiday season you feel like you could use your batteries recharged, your heart touched by the love, all you need do is go within and ask your soul to open your heart to your soul's love, and to the many light beings in these higher dimensions who are always willing to give you the love that you want.

So you might practice now: Ask your soul to open your heart, to receive the love that's available a bout you and within you, and as you go forward today, and indeed through this holiday season, go forward channeling this love, being in touch with it, living from it and letting others know that it is freely available through your demonstration of love to them. So go in peace, and go in joy, and enjoy yourself.

Message From Theodore 9-19-96
Greetings from Theodore! It is with great joy that we observe the changes that you are going through. You are doing the work that you have come here to do. We in the higher planes are finding it easier and easier to move through you. And we have not forgotten the pact that we have made with you -- to support you from this side of the veil. And enough of you are clearing enough of your barriers that we can start to gather and put more light through you, light that you are able to consciously hold and radiate.

We look forward to the openings that are in store for you, for we know that you are stepping into wondrous possibilities. The breakthroughs we have looked forward to for a long time now, are close at hand. And your growing awareness of you as group, your increasing ability to experience yourself as the space of group, is allowing you to tune in to Group Mind, to take advantage of shifts and openings and support from the higher planes that are not available to the consciousness that believes it's a separate individual. And while we acknowledge that there is more for you to go, more shifts for you in this area, we are delighted at the shifts you have already made.

This is a good time to begin focussing on the energy of your life purpose, to start letting that energy move through you more fully. For as you embrace and become the frequencies of your life purpose, you fill-in a particular aspect of the whole, of the group, that makes us more whole and complete, that allows the Group Mind to function at an even higher level here.

We welcome you to are next level of work and play together. Some of you are already experiencing that there are more beings working with me, joining us in this grand endeavor. The stage has been set for many wondrous shifts and new openings -- including re-negotiating your path with your soul, to bring it into a more light-filled, joyful expression of your soul.

We have been creating, tuning in with you, and working to bring us as a group, up to these next openings. We have been planning many wondrous events for you. It is our hope that you will be able to join us in person to experience these shifts first-hand. And for those of you who are not able to, know that you can tune-in on the inner planes, and let these shifts begin to seep into your energy field, just by being aware of your connection to the group. Naturally, you as a personality will probably experience these shifts more powerfully if you can physically attend these events. But do not be discouraged if you can't. All the shifts made by this group will be offered to you.

Good. So we'd like you to know that many in your group have gone through many profound openings. And certainly the shift that Ray has gone through in being in touch with his life purpose has allowed him to open to me and the higher kingdoms even more fully. There is a new note that he is able to transmit, and we are able to empower through him, to help bring you into a fuller expression of your life purpose. We invite you from our hearts, to join us as often as you can, both in the physical dimension, and in the higher planes. For those of you who cannot attend the Tuesday evenings, we invite you to join us on the inner planes at those times -- to consciously link your heart, your mind, to the heart-openings and the clarity that is being called forth at those meetings.

And we'd like you, for a moment now, to begin to tune in with your heart. Rather than give you many words on the possibilities that are being opened, we would like you to feel them through the sense of your heart. As you bring your awareness into your heart, as you read these words, begin to feel some of the profound openings, immense ramifications, wondrous possibilities that are open just beyond your current seeing. And for a moment now, as we transmit to you from beyond time and space, into you who are reading this now, let your heart begin to sense what's ahead for you.

Good. Just stay with that feeling in your heart for as long as feels good to you. And know that we are transmitting much light to you on the inner planes, whenever you are open. I love you. And I thank you for all that you are doing to make this possible.

Greetings from Theodore!
Let yourself relax into the current of higher energy that is always waiting to lift your awareness, into that harmony, into the joy, into the fulfillment that is always yours, simply by placing your awareness on it.

Much has been happening behind the scenes. Many of you are going through shifts that are beyond your rational mind's ability to grasp at this time. And yet, there are profound openings that many of you are stepping into. These openings, or shifts that you are embodying are making possible many new possibilities that were not available before. For you, as a group, have reached enough radiance, that if you were to join together at this level of radiance that many of you are reaching, the power would be staggering! It's not just the growth that's available, but the smoothness, the harmony, and the safety with which you could step into this new growth together, is truly remarkable, and dwarfs what you could accomplish on your own.

The energy has been set, and is continuing to evolve, for your next step. For those of you that choose to ride this synergy, you will be able to experience many new, expanded states of consciousness, and more importantly, anchor them fully into your everyday reality. Truly, you as a group, have stepped up to a place where you can begin altering your day-to-day reality to levels you only dreamed of before. And again, if you choose to use this synergistic power of the group working together, this transformation can be graceful, effortless and easy. Not like the constant pressing against your barriers for a breakthrough that you've become familiar with -- but rather your job will be to let the energy of the universe flow through you, to live as a generating principle -- that is, a force, an intelligence that directs the energy and power around you, shaping life to match the light that you have become, and the higher light you are reaching!

That is part of our work together as a group in the near future. It is coming together and supporting each other in living from this space of connection to source, and connecting with each other. Out of being together as a group in this way, we begin to anchor these frequencies of higher fulfillment more completely. We bring them in in a much more stable and accessible way, and indeed, begin to build them as a gridwork of light between all of us choosing to play this game, and ultimately extending into all of humanity as well. But those who consciously participate in this group play will have a resource available, a gridwork of energy that you can tune into at any time, a stable, powerful gridwork that will always remind you of your connection to source, and enable you to move into that more fully in each moment. Simply by placing your attention on it.

Yes, the time is ripe, and again, we are now able to come together in a way that doesn't require us to encounter all the fear that we have in doing it alone. Many of the dreams and possibilities for living that have been dropped, or held as inaccessible for now, are becoming accessible.

This is our work and our play together in the time ahead. We invite you now to begin holding that, you, have a special and unique contribution to make to this group energy, that you are a valued member, a cherished gift that can contribute something quite unique to the others, in addition to receiving support from them. For indeed, with that identity shift, out from your personality and into your soul, connected with the oneness, comes the possibility of people living as wholes in alignment with other wholes -- rather than little parts trying to add up to make a whole. An alignment of powerful sources. The possibilities are vast!

Good. So until we assemble again in physical space, we invite you to carry this vision of you, as a valued source of a group that empowers you. And know that all is unfolding exactly on purpose, to help you step in to all that you've known is possible -- to step into your hearts desire.
And you can begin now, by just being aware of the support from the higher realms that is here for you. Know that you are loved, that you are taken care of, and live from that truth. I love you, and look forward to our continued play together. 

Greetings from Theodore! Part of the next step includes receiving help from the inner planes, receiving the radiance, and support from beings of light in the higher dimensions. As they begin to light your path, their assistance is priceless. They can make your lessons easier to learn, more joyful to go through. They can increase the quality of opportunities that are presented you, and help you draw to you your highest good. For indeed you are drawing to you your highest good, as you choose to be radiant.

And as you're beginning to realize, what attracts these beings to you, is your ability to hold and radiate light. That commitment and steadiness that you are developing makes you very visible on the inner planes. And many high beings see that at last they have a place where putting their light will make the greatest difference in the Earth plane.

You earn that privilege (of their support) only by embracing that space of light, and well-being, and love for yourself -- by allowing yourself to open to new levels of well-being and vitality, new levels of light and radiance and love. And as you do, there is an infinite supply of light given to light your path and make your way easier, transforming obstacles, providing a new ease as you go forward in life.

All of this starts with your willingness, indeed your commitment, to be radiant, to be loving, to be whole -- your commitment to make your radiance a priority over external circumstances, such that nothing is used as an excuse to avoid being radiant any more.

Whenever someone in the Earth plane begins to reach that level of commitment to radiance, many high beings of light from the higher planes of light, are attracted to the new light you're becoming, and come to assist you in every way they can. 

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