Magnificence: Well-Being and Your Heart's Desire

Guided Journeys on Tape Using the Light Body Centers
For Greater Manifestations of Your Highest Flow

For Awakening Your Light Body Graduates Only

8-Journey Tape Set $60

Would you like to have legions of light beings gather together to empower you in stepping into your heart's desire? We made this album to nurture the nurturers, to bring fulfillment to the planetary workers who have contributed so much to others. It's time for you to have your deepest longings brought to fruition.

We have called upon and received support from a tremdously stable, compassionate, loving, and powerful gathering of master light beings. As a lightworker, you will appreciate the awesome qualities of light being held for you.

The journeys in this volume use light body skills to help embody the states of Enlightened Wizardry, Master of Flow, and Being a Channel For Miracles. In these journeys, we are setting a space where you can join the light as a co-creator, to call forth the highest forms possible, and to make the shifts that are necessary for you to have your heart's desire. Align in group synergy with legions of light beings in setting the energy for Manifesting Your Heart's Desire. Join us in consciously allowing, resonating with, and bringing through your most fulfilling future.

The Journeys:

Side 1 Well-Being and Joy
Powerfully bring Well-Being and Joy into the core of your being, to exude it from within you into the circumstances around you.

Side 2 Alignment Prayer
Communicate your heart's desire to the massive assembly of masters who are here to support you. Create alignment in bringing through what you want.

Side 3 Radiating Frequencies
Embody the Essence Frequencies of Intimacy, Purpose, Love, Joy, and Prosperity.

Side 4 Opening to New Flows of Magnificence
Use the light body centers to experience your Lord Self, and utilize Group Synergy to open and step into wondrous new flows of magnificence.

Side 5 Integrating Magnificence and Support
Integrate the new expressions of magnificence more completely into your being. Create alignment with the world about you as well, so that your world is aligned with and can allow your new magnificence.

Side 6 Manifesting w/Lord Self & Precision Being
The Precision Beings are interdimensional masters of energy set-ups. They work with you and your Lord Self, to powerfully transmit to you the energy set-up you need to become, in order to have what you want. One of the best "manifesting in the new paradigm" journeys I've experienced.

Side 7 Initiating Your Chakras
Receive assistance from more interdimensional masters, as the Crystalline Beings (they are masters of frequency and vibration) and the Radiant Beings (masters of transmitting) transmit the frequencies of your next shifts. Shift Identity, become your soul. Feel your life purpose and Source energy flowing through the open channels in your mind and heart. Bring Source Flow into eight chakras, allowing them to be lifted into their next level of evolution -- so that each chakra functions as a generator of Source Flow.
Receive messages about the shifts being empowered in you. Use your VEB or LB centers to integrate.

Side 8 Declaring Yourself
Powerfully call yourself forth as Source of your new creations.


The "Magnificence: Well-being and Your Heart's Desire" volume of eight journeys is available either on:
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The music is by Michael Hammer.
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Get the most support for living as Flow, and maximum savings!
The 5-Volume Master of Flow Course
For Awakening Your Light Body Graduates
(42 guided journeys) plus E-book just $250

The "Magnificence: Well-being and Your Heart's Desire" was originally delivered to a group of my Awakening Your Light Body Graduates. This was a way for them to deliberately use their light body skills to engage in the "Becoming a Master of Flow" distinctions.

The 5-Volume Master of Flow Course includes:

the 32 guided journeys from the four-volume course;
the 2 extra Lord Self Bonus Journeys;
the 8-journey "Magnificence: Well-being and Your Heart's Desire" album;
plus 70 pages of written materials. These notes will provide new distinctions, explanations and mental reinforcement for the experiences you are having at a being level, as well as some advanced notes for exploring expanded consciousness.

This 5+ Volume Course of 42 journeys is available either on:
21 tapes in three attractive vinyl albums; or
21 CDs.
You can choose your format below.
The music is by Michael Hammer.
The 5-Volume Course costs $250, plus $12.00 for shipping.
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