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Here's our current schedule:

Please note: We took a long break from live groups (except for our Core Group) in order to finish some books and focus on bringing through some new projects. These books will lay a foundation for us to engage in some powerful work together, including in-person seminars, tele-seminars, and webinars.

We are looking forward to re-opening to new live groups as soon as we can. We are planning the following events.

TBA "Seeing through Eyes That Bless" Weekly Meeting
For those close enough to physically attend a meeting in Berkeley, you are invited to join Ray and Diane and their Core Meditation Group to practice and apply the principles of "Seeing through Eyes That Bless." You can receive specific coaching to help you navigate your own "blind spots" and unconsciousness, so you can embody deeper, more authentic states of self-mastery.

The next open evening will be on a Wednesday TBA, at 7:30 PM, in Berkeley. You can call us at the number below for schedule and directions if you'd like to come. Please give us as much advance notice as possible if you're planning to attend so we can arrange for seating.

TBA "Seeing through Eyes That Bless" Tele-seminars
We want to make it possible for those who cannot be here physically to join us in this work. You will be able to listen to and interact with the participants in our live meeting, from where ever you are, by phone. We will begin researching and experimenting with different service providers to find a system that meets our needs.

   If you would like to be notified when these events are ready, you can  
    Or Phone him at (510) 525-7470

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