Becoming Flow

Opening New Channels of Flow Throughout Your Being
Allowing a More Complete Expression of Source
8-Journey Tape Set $60

Flow is more than something that happens about you,
it is also a state of Being and a set of skills you can aquire.

There are many micro-channels of energy that move through us, each one a stream of a particular aspect of universal energy. The level of openness of these channels throughout you determines the level of flow at which you can join with the higher forces of the universe, so that Divine Intelligence can move through you more completely.

With the New Paradigm shifts we are now able to open many more channels throughout our being, channels that allow the Divine Energies of the universe to move gracefully through us. As this happens, you can experience more pure levels of your Self, and become a more purposeful and fulfilling expression of your soul in the earth dimension.

This isn't just opening a channel for communication with "beings who are higher than you." This is a profound expansion and shift of Being for you. It is about YOU becoming a Master of Flow. As you open more and more of these different, multiple micro-channels moving through you, you become more fluid, more intuitively magnetic to your highest good.

"When two or more of you of this vibration come together, miracles begin to happen -- automatically, and without needing your conscious direction -- simply as a function of reaching this level of light, and fluidity."

This is more than just a new path to take in the world -- it opens a whole new world to operate in, and brings forth a new you, functioning in new ways. Imagine being in the world as a Master of Flow, as distinct from being an administrator of details. Come join us for this breakthrough in Being!

The Journeys: 
Side 1 Sensing Flow
This journey offers you coaching for exploring Skill #1 from the written materials, Sensing Flow.

Side 2 Allowing Flow
This journey provides coaching to explore Skill #2 from the written materials, Opening to Allow Flow to Move Through You.

Side 3 Releasing and Absorbing Potentials From Flow
Expand into Group Mind/Master of Flow. Experience the raw potentials here, for healing, for manifesting, for shifts, for opening new possibilities. Release those potential powers into your being, directing them into your life in the earth plane – re-organizing yourself to a new vibration where you express your light and radiance more easily. Experience a new trusting that you are provided for, life IS gracefully moving through you. Reach into source, and bring through a specific quality of light you'd like to experience, allowing that quality to move through you at more powerful levels than it ever has.
You can use this journey to connect on the soul planes with all of the others who are also learning to open to flow.

Side 4 Functioning As Flow
Coaching to Explore Skill #3 from the written materials, Functioning As Flow.

Side 5 Increasing Flow
Use this journey to experience flow as a blessing, and become the allowance and willingness to be blessed. Bring Flow into your heart, and your entire energy field –experience yourself as expanded flow.
Scan your energy field for any places you would like to resonate with the flow more completely.
Even though there is no set-up or explanation for this, you will be asked to work with the Second Frequency of Fulfillment. If you have learned this frequency from Ray, go for it. If you have not learned this frequency, just use this as an opportunity to practice Resonating to Become. Let yourself feel whatever you feel, and simply go for the ride. Working with the Second Frequency of Fulfillment will help release the potential of the flow that exists in your space. As you release the potential from this flow, it can activate and empower your greatest expression in the earth plane.
Intend that your greatest magnificence, the most pure expression of your soul, comes forth to meet the released potential of flow. As that flow meets your light, and begins radiating through you, and begins expressing as you, channels are being cleared for a greater expression. You may notice certain energy shapes taking form in your aura. Be in this profound dance, this interplay of these lights, of these wills, the interplay of this intelligence and freedom. Merge with the qualities of grace, effortlessness, intelligence, and power.
If there is any part of your personality that would like to heal its belief in struggle, let the Wisdom of this flow, permeate your belief, shifting the very core of the belief.

Side 6 Generating Higher Flow
Use this journey to explore Skill #4 from the written materials, Generating Higher Flows.

Side 7 Opening to Source Flow
In this journey we're going to lift some of the veils energetically, so that you might make an even more profound connection with source, and submerse yourself in that exquisite energy.
Some great beings of light transmit a special initiation to you, to move you forward in your next steps for living in the earth plane as a master of flow.
Let all of your energy centers be influenced and lifted by this Divine light, by this love from source, by this connection to flow. For indeed, the more fully you allow this flow to move through you, the more naturally, the more intuitively you are connected with your part in the Divine Plan, and that knowing of your role can come from the inside out – an inner knowing, an intuitive sense. The more fully your heart connects up with pure love, the more fully your mind can trust to open to more power, because you know that you become more trustworthy as you become more loving. You are becoming a larger energy presence in the earth dimension.

Side 8 Shifting Identity to Radiance and Flow
Allow the very core of your identity, the core of who you think yourself to be, to begin resonating, vibrating, taking on these qualities of radiance and flow. Shift to where it's no longer you observing radiance, or you observing flow, it's you as a radiant flow being – you as radiance, you as an expression of flow. There are some light beings here who are transmitting to you, this particular identity shift, so that you begin to know yourself as grace, as flow, and as radiance.
They are also transmitting special qualities and strengths that will be helpful for you in your next steps ahead. Let that grace, smoothness and flow that you have become, be the means with which this light moves into your being. Just allow it to come in harmoniously – blending and complementing the light that you already have, trusting that this light comes with its own intelligence, and knows what to do, how to be with you, how to serve and empower you. This is awakening new skills within you, or opening new states of being for you to be able to have access to, as your energy reaches critical mass. Experience a parting of the consciousness, finding yourself experiencing frequencies and energies from other dimensions and existences. Just allow the expansion to continue.


The background music used in these journeys is by Michael Hammer.

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