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Guided Meditation Tapes

Guided Meditations For Exploring Energy
to Empower Spiritual Growth, Enlightenment, Psychic Development,
Miracle Consciousness, and Enhance Love.

These Guided Journeys by Ray Hix are an enjoyable way to submerse yourself in exquisite Source Energy,
and to connect and strengthen your connection with the enlightened aspects of yourself.

Our Selection of Guided Meditations
A List of Categories and Titles, with Links to Full Descriptions

About Our Guided Meditations...
How they work, what to expect, etc.

People's Comments
Read what people have to say after working with our meditation tapes.

Our Guided Journeys are Available from our Digital Download Store!
We have prepared many of our guided journeys for mp3 downloading.
You can find links to the downloads on the appropriate Guided Journeys page, or just check out the home page of our Digital Download Store.
We also have some PDFs filled with notes and coaching to help you get the most from your Journeys. Check out our current releases!

If you would like assistance with any aspect of ordering,
call Ray Hix (510) 525-7470 or for assistance.

Our Selection of Guided Meditations

Initiations From the Heart of God

Embodying Frequencies From the Source of Love that
Miraculously Transform all that they Touch
The following two albums are ready now!

Blessings From the Heart of God
Each journey focuses on specific soul qualities, such as Love, Wholeness, Trust, and so on. As you go through each of these initiations you are adding more and more frequencies from the Heart of God to your aura.
Living As the Heart of God
Evolve and Enlighten Your Personality to Function As a Heart of God Infused Personality, including Enlightened Character, Skills & Perspectives.

These journeys set a space for you, as a personality in the earth plane,
to be a more solid and powerful
expression of the Heart of God in this dimension.

Enlightened Wizardry: Becoming a Master of Flow

A Paradigm Shift From Struggle to Flow
Four 8-Journey Albums

Clarity: Lifting Veils
Develop "para- cerebral knowing" as you learn to sense the energy of your purest essence of Self. Learn volumes and stimulate new transformation by finding aspects of Self.
Becoming Flow

Learn to allow your entire Being to resonate in co-creation with the higher flows of Source. Become a "Clearing" that emits your highest unfolding.

Becoming a Channel For Miracles
Our most popular album. Experience a profound shift in Being, where you become gracefully magnetic to your highest good.
Experiencing Your Lord Self
Directly experience this grand, multi- dimensional level of Who You Are. Gain access to expanded levels of Love, knowing and power.

Each volume stands powerfully on its own as a major spiritual initiation.
Together they provide complimentary openings that
propel you into wonderful new states of Being.

Creating a New Paradigm For Contribution

For light workers wanting to make their contribution more joyfully,
with a greater sense of well-being and support.
One 8-Journey Album

Forward in the Light

Four-plus volumes of wonderful journeys that grow with you.
Many great topics in these treasured classics.
Heart and Soul
Journeys for opening and expanding love, and connecting with your soul and masters in the soul planes.
Skills of Mastery
Learn to resonate with new energy set-ups, clear and transform blocks, explore the Universal Mind, more.
Lifting Upward
Great journeys that help you let go of struggle, open and allow more love, light and joy.
Enhancing Earth Life
Journeys to smooth and enlighten your personality, and create your highest path and situations.
Guided Journeys For Experiencing Angels A Two-Journey CD or Download to Meet and Work With Angels

Tapes For "Awakening Your Light Body" Graduates

Exquisite exploration for graduates of the Awakening Your Light Body course.
Whether you've learned from Ray, from another teacher,
or from the Luminessence tape course,
we have many unique and powerful journeys available.

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About Our Guided Meditations...

These guided, inner journeys are powerful tools for spiritual growth and transformation. Working with guided meditations, where your mind can relax and expand, is a powerful way to create rapid, profound, and lasting changes in your life.

Many have come to enjoy the rich heart openings, the expanded sense of harmony and flow, and the easy access to higher wisdom available through these journeys. You can use them in the convenience of your home, whenever you want. Some people are using these tapes in study groups, or as part of classes they lead.

The CDs and tapes can assist you in experiencing, exploring and living from your higher potential. You can learn to use the power of your soul and support from the higher dimensions to create important shifts in many areas of your life.

These Guided Energy Meditations by Theodore were channeled live, in the moment, by Ray Hix. They were not pre-scripted. While the live seminar setting does not offer ideal conditions for recording, we feel the energy present in these tapes and CDs more than makes up for any occasional background sounds.

The journeys are approximately twenty to thirty minutes in length. Each journey is accompanied by specially designed music to enhance your inner explorations.
We have combined complimentary journeys to make specially themed Volumes of 8, 12, or 16 journeys. Each Volume comes in a convenient vinyl album, with some written coaching for getting the most from the journeys.

About Theodore:
Ray channels energy and information from a wise and loving spirit teacher named Theodore. Theodore is a master of great love and radiance. His stability in the higher dimensions enables him to make a rich and profound contribution to us in this dimension. In each journey, Theodore works with you and your soul to assist you in opening to a smoother, more joyful and flowing path of growth. Theodore is often joined by many high beings. They too contribute various forms of light and energy work to enhance your process of awakening.

From Theodore's perspective, and the perspective of the Soul, a living being is composed of many layers and levels of energy systems, with many different frequencies. The quality and stability of these various energy systems affect the outcomes that manifest about you, and influence probable futures. Your various energy systems respond to the principle of resonance. If you sound an "A" note on a piano, the "A" string on a guitar across the room would start ringing, even though no one touched the guitar string. The guitar resonates with the frequencies coming from the piano.

In these meditations, Theodore is transmitting soul-quality essence frequencies such as love, fulfillment, clarity, and many others. This transmission actually fine-tunes your energy field so as to strengthen and call forth higher qualities in you. Since he lives in a dimension beyond time and space, Theodore is able to find your energy over the course of time you listen to these journeys. Each time you listen to one of these tapes, you are tuning in to Theodore's transmission of light.

As you continue to work with these tapes you are adding light to your aura, and raising your vibration. Most people find that these tapes tend to "grow with them" in that, as you continue to go higher yourself, you will be able to open to even richer experiences with these journeys.

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People's Comments

"I am overwhelmed with the delicacy and grace of the vibrations channeled by Theodore and Light Beings that I need to express my deepest gratitude for this Grace.
I just begin from the third times the journey and every time that I start it it is different it is not the same thing, every time the quality of the Energy changes, or perhaps it is my sensing the Energy that changes, but it is anyhow like the first time and I am sure that if I repeat the Journey 30 times all the 30 times will be different. My 7th Chakra opens up and now I can feel much better the Energy and sense it in the different qualities.
I can also feel more the Energy that emanates from the Light Beings that come to meet me during the experiences. Well just wonderful dear Ray/ Theodore I am fully grateful to you for creating these splendid materials for our personal spiritual growth. NAMASTE” and thanks again."
Giorgio Capuzzo

"These journeys are just beautiful! Just beautiful! You're not just channeling information, you're channeling enlightened states of being! I feel so priviledged to be a part of this. Thank you so much!"
Nada Lewis

"What a pleasure to hear your warm voice guiding me up..up...up! I was amazed at how easily I was guided up. AND, I found that the frequencies are much higher than what I experienced in our class. In fact, there have been times when I have been lying in bed in the mornings after waking, when I have felt very distinctly, very high vibrations being sent my way. I remember thinking "WOW, these are much higher frequencies than I have ever felt before! Ray wasn't kidding when he said they are getting higher, and finer." To be honest, I was really blown away. I just kept thinking WHOAAA... this is really powerful stuff. I'm excited about spending more time with you via your taped voice. I love you, and Theodore."
Suzanne Cambell

"I pulled out an old tape I hadn't listened to in years, and the energy was incredible! These tapes really do grow with you!"
Al Bettles

"I really want to tell you how much I adore your tapes and how much I am able to completely drift off and feel the vibrations and energy inside of me. I really love the lifting the veil tape, Unfortunetly i keep playing the same tape over and over so I haven't gotten to all the others. But tonight I'm going to experience heart-centered chakra alignment. I want to tell you also that I send you and theodor and your beings many thanks when I feel the completeness. I truly float with your tapes thank you so much for making such wonderful tapes. Lots of love,"
Esther Mizrahi

"Thank you for this powerfully love-filled gift from your heart to my heart. My heart is so filled with gratitude. I am no longer 'closed down' as I have been for ever so long -- for many years, and without being aware of being in such a state. Since experiencing Theodore (Ray's spirit guide), my heart is open and opening more and more, and I am a 'feeling being.' I can feel with my heart! It's like being a very tightly closed bud which is fully opening to its own exquisiteness. I am beginning to know, to feel, to experience a fulfillment I did not know existed. I am indeed grateful to Theodore, my heart is touched by his love. Thank you Ray for being here to make all this possible in my life."
Georgette Balard

"Ray is one of the highest teachers on the planet. He channels the Pure Love Ray. Thank you Ray, for your true gift of the heart!"
Vita Weiss

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