Raising Your Ceiling of "Too Good"

Expanding Your Pleasure Tolerance Zone

Most of us are aware that we have a "floor," that when the quality of our experience of life drops below a certain level, we will not tolerate it. However, few of us are aware that we also have a "ceiling" -- that when life gets better, and starts to surpass our ceiling of how good we're willing to have it, we won't tolerate that either, and we bring it back down to something we can handle.

You are powerful beyond measure. It is your Intention that shapes and directs the power that moves through you. Your Intention shapes how much and what kind of power can come through you. You Intention selects where and how the power will be used in your life. Your Intention is often not a conscious creation. This workshop is an opportunity to get behind the scenes to do some major re-engineering of what's possible in your life.

Regarding the experience of fulfillment in life, our normal way of being is to walk around the outside of "the pool of Love," and not jump in. When we do jump in, the normal reaction is to notice we're in, and get out quickly -- usually while saying or thinking we wish we had more love.

We come up with all kinds of strategies, so that we don't live much in the presence and experience of love/ecstacy. For example: You may be in or know of a relationship that has this re-occurring pattern: shortly after one of your moments of "peak connection" -- it could be a moment of communication where you both feel fully known, or in sex where you magically merge into one -- but soon after your most intimate breakthrough, you create some sort of upset that interrupts the intimacy, bringing the relationship back down to something you can handle.

The point is this: if who you are is the Creator of your circumstances -- that is to say, the one who generates the world which you experience -- and you can't stand being in ecstasy or at peace for more than a moment, your default is to use the vast resources of the powerful being you are to avoid those moments of feeling good!

Your fear of too good influences both your conscious and your subconscious actions and decisions. It shapes your conscious decisions about what's possible, and at a subconscious level, shapes what you choose to "go for" out of that which you think is possible.

Your Fear of Too Good prescribes the ceiling for the quality of life you'll allow yourself to have. You will keep your life from ever getting any better than you can handle. You will never create it working so great that it gets beyond your ability to tolerate it. Even if you create empires of wealth with servants waiting on you hand and foot, you won't necessarily allow the experience of fulfillment. Your inner experience will stay within your pleasure tolerance zone, no matter how outwardly successful you appear to others.

This workshop is a powerful day of personality transformation. Theodore has arranged for some key beings of light to create a powerful new initiation for you. They will key your vibration to a higher level, empowering you to attract, allow and embrace your highest good -- at far greater levels of fulfillment.

We will also examine some of the "Ceiling Reinforcement Strategies" we use to keep ourselves from having "too much" of any kind of good feelings, and how to go beyond those limitations into new levels of fulfillment.

Come if you'd like to:

- Open to greater love and fulfillment without getting nutty
- Start allowing a larger experience and expression of your magnificence
- Learn what to do when you notice yourself reacting with Fear of Too Good
- How to get someone who is up against their limits to open to more

Is your ceiling already high enough? Well, ask yourself "Would you like to keep creating exactly what you're experiencing?" If not, you probably could benefit by lifting your limits on what you allow in your life.

Come join us for this breakthrough!

Now a Special New Tape Set!
As a result of the New Paradigm Initiations (Raising Your Ceiling of "Too Good" above, and Opening Your Channels), we have created a wonderful new tape set called Becoming a Channel For Miracles. These tapes are the guided meditations recorded from these workshops. This combination of guided journeys compliment each other to powerfully facilitate your living at new levels of flow and connection to Source. Follow the link to learn more about Opening Your Channels, and then follow the link to the Tapes.

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