Awakening Your Light Body with Ray Hix

An advanced training for aware individuals
who want to accelerate their spiritual growth,
and shift to new heights in living their life purpose,
and creating their life work.

This course was originated by DaBen and Orin, through their channels Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman. Ray Hix has been teaching and refining this course since 1990, and bringing through new material for Light Body Graduates. He provides Light Body Counseling and Energy Work Sessions, Live Seminars, and Special Meditation Tapes for students and graduates of the Awakening Your Light Body Course.

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About Awakening Your Light Body Awakening Your Light Body with Ray Hix consists of a series of three or four weekend classes. Awakening your Light Body is a big step. All of our students have experienced profound changes in their lives. This course is highly recommended for those of you who are ready for an accelerated path of growth, and would like to learn more about yourself as a being of light.

Light Body Graduate Support This page has services and resources for Awakening Your Light Body Students and Graduates. Find out about Light Body Counseling, Graduate Seminars, and unique Guided Journeys on Tape utilizing the Light Body centers.

An Update From Ray An insightful message offering a powerful perspective on the nature of the shifts in Being we're experiencing.

Enrollment Questionaire A form you can use to enroll in the Awakening Your Light Body Course by email.

Sponsoring a Course in Your Area If you can organize a group in your area, I may be able to come do a course or a workshop custom-tailored for your group.

An Update From Ray

After eight years of teaching, refining and growing with the Awakening Your Light Body course, my understanding of it has grown and evolved quite a bit. More than just a better grasp of the material or the techniques, I feel the whole context for this work has shifted. As a result of this contextual shift, I have come up with a new course to reflect those changes.

Part of this shift in context is viewing the "higher dimensions" as an expansion of consciousness, perspective and Self, rather than through filters of beliefs in hierarchies, in which you are the "little one," reaching up to "bigger ones." Exploring this simple but powerful distinction has opened the ability of being able to absorb shifts through "resonance of being." This means our process of transformation is no longer limited to personality work/psychological shifts. It can now occur through allowing your energy to resonate with the shift in being you are wanting to experience. This happens by allowing yourself to re-join the flow at more and more levels, embracing the light more completely.

This is a skill that's more of a shift in being, than it is a technique to apply. The shift is one in which you allow the higher forces of the universe to move effortlessly through you, creating results as a wizard might -- knowing you can produce the outcome you want, without needing to know how. Simply by allowing that result to move through you.

So rather than thinking of the AYLB course as a collection of new skills, think of it as your doorway into this new state of being.


Sponsoring a Course in Your Area

If you have a group in your area, and would like to sponsor me in putting on an event for your group, you can call or email me to discuss it.

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