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Becoming a Master of Flow

A Paradigm Shift From Struggle to Flow

This program includes a four-volume course of guided journeys on tape. Each guided journey takes you through progressive states of being and experience. While each volume stands on its own as a valuable shift in consciousness, together they create complimentary openings that propel you into wondrous new states of mastery.

To help prepare for the journeys, let's talk a little about this shift, this new world of magic and wizardry, this new paradigm for functioning in the earth plane.


Becoming a Master of Flow

Why is it beneficial to have flow in your life? Flow opens you to the blessings of the universe. This is God's way of blessing you. There's an infinite amount of blessings - Divine Frequencies that we don't understand intellectually - but they are the source code that reorganizes life. By opening your self to flow, these high frequencies, these high blessings from divine intelligence move into your being, sense who you are and who you're set up as, and help manifest that in the world about you.

This happens without your conscious awareness of the details and mechanics. Your job is to be conscious of allowing the flow to move through you.

That divine intelligence that comes with the flow, can read your energy, read your intention, read your life purpose, read the structures for your contribution in the world, and it "gets busy" bringing that into manifestation about you.

All of this magic happens as a result of you opening to the flow. So you don't have to understand the mechanics of the universe. You don't have to be involved in all the nitty-gritty detail. You don't have to see into the future and orchestrate many events happening. To experience the magic, you have to open yourself to flow, and let this magic come through you, and it senses everything that needs to happen, out of sensing who you are and where you're going.


A Shift in Paradigms

We mentioned in the subtitle of this article that this is a paradigm shift - a shift from Struggle to Flow. I'd like to address this shift from Struggle to Flow. I find that when I put words to experiences people are already having, it gives a frame of reference to help understand some of the things that are happening in their lives. It also helps them step into the shifts more consciously and completely.

We're all pretty familiar with struggle, but we don't normally think of it as a context, or a paradigm. We don't think of it as a contextual space we operate in. For many people, struggle just is - kind of like water to a fish. Struggle is so much of a "given" that it has become a transparent part of our background of obviousness.

Within the struggle paradigm, an unexamined assumption is that you are an "administrator of details." You are the one who performs the tasks, you are the one who goes through to-do lists, you are the one who gets things done. In other words, you are a Human Doing.

A common belief within the struggle paradigm is: "If I don't do it, it won't happen." I'm not going to tell you that belief is wrong, or it has no value. It's just that if you get stuck in the belief that results only come from doing something, you shut yourself off to the world of wizardry and magic - the world of Flow.

It is possible to live and function in a more enlightened paradigm, a world of magic and wizardry, a world of love, flow and grace. The new paradigm could be called "Being a Master of Flow."

The times when flow just happened to you, you were a victim of flow. There's no mastery involved, because you didn't create it - it happened to you. You may have allowed it, but you didn't master it. As we move on in this course, we want to go beyond being a victim, just hoping for flow, and develop some true mastery with flow. Because really, how many times in life do you get to be a victim of flow? Probably not as often as you would like.

This is why we want to develop our ability to master that state - to call it forth as we want or need it.

This new paradigm is not just "going with the flow," it's not a victim-like surrender. Rather, it's consciously becoming and joining flow, as a powerful co-creator. This may require a shift in identity - a shift in who you think yourself to be, a re-defining, and/or a re-discovering of Who You Are, and where you come from.

This is a new paradigm for being an enlightened human in the Earth plane.

Next Chapter: 3-Opening Your Channels

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4-What Might That Look Like? | 5-Some Useful Distinctions
6-What Might That Look Like? | 7-Para-Cerebral Knowing

8-Clarity: Lifting the Veils to Self & Self-expression | 9-Resonating to Become
10-Becoming Flow
11-Becoming a Channel For Miracles
12-Exploring Your Lord Self
13-Magnificence: Well-Being and Your Heart's Desire

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