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Welcome to the Radiant Heart Productions Web Site!

An Update from Ray:

January 2022

Hello and Happy New Year! After being "on hold" for so very long, many of us are experiencing "lockdown fatigue." While reports on the news show some people behaving poorly, and forgetting who they are, I hope you continue to be a blessing to others, and interact with grace and mastery.

God wants you to see your fellow citizens as "children of God." Anyone who tries to get you to hate your brothers and sisters, is not doing God's work here. So while the loudest voices out there are trying to rile you into anger and hatred, it is still your job to generate love, to be compassionate and reach for understanding, to rise above your base reactions, and show up expressing your soul's purpose as you walk this earth.

The most valuable function that you could take on right now is to demonstrate to the collective consciousness of humanity the act of taking yourself out of the chaos, and consciously restoring clarity. And from the space of clarity, deliberately bring love into yourself, your energy field, your mind and emotions. And then offer that demonstration of "re-attuning yourself" as a guiding tone for the collective consciousness of humanity to follow.

If it was easy, it wouldn't be called mastery. And yet, at this time when so many are so easily aligning themselves with the mouth foamers, it's more important than ever that you demonstrate living a more enlightened state of being.

It's important to consciously establish the way your energy is set up and functions.

By demonstrating your own act of disengaging from the unconsciousness, hate, disgust, and all the other negative emotions our country is awash in at this time -- you make it seem intuitively more obvious for others to disconnect from this as well. Our commitment to call forth higher forms of relating will also help generate the clarity we need for how to restore the atmosphere of Love we all need.

Meanwhile, let's stay attuned to our higher purpose, and stay aware of the various flows and opportunities to make a difference as they show up for us.

As some of you know, I have taken an extended break from offering growth programs for group participation, and I have been working on a music recording project that is very important to me. Music used to be my life, and yet I had put it on hold for decades so I could do my spiritual growth work. So now, being able to complete some of the music I wrote has been a major life completion for me!
As back then, it's taking longer than I prefer to get good recordings of some of my tunes, but I absolutley love it when I complete or improve a piece.

So to make the most of these Covid limitations for myself now, it's first, complete more music, then set up a website to share it; then I'd like to return to creating breakthroughs with a courageous group. I certainly feel like I have more to share spiritually, and look forward to getting back to that mode of group growth and exploration.

While I remain available for private sesssions, I look forward to reconnecting and exploring states of accelerated growth together when the time is right.

In love and light,
Ray Hix

We're here to assist you in opening to, and living from higher levels of love and well-being, while functioning with grace and mastery in your everyday life.

You can use our services to help raise and expand your consciousness, increase your awareness of, and improve your ability to work with energy, accelerate your spiritual growth, and make the enlightenment process smoother and easier for you to navigate. If you would like to be empowered to more fully embrace and love yourself and others, while reaching ever higher levels of light and consciousness, explore the links in the graphic at the top of this page, or look below for more information.

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