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You are invited to engage in a series of Initiations from the Source of Love. In these journeys you will Intentionally reach into Source, opening your personal channel directly into the Heart of God.

There are special transmissions of light originating from within the Heart of God, that will greatly empower and accelerate your enlightenment process. Because these gifts come from the Heart of God (your Source), these transmissions are custom-tuned to most optimally support you, addressing both your current and your future needs.

We have consciously set a space where you can directly experience and receive these special transmissions of light from the Heart of God. Each journey focuses on specific soul qualities, such as Love, Wholeness, Trust, and so on. As you go through each of these initiations you are adding more and more frequencies from the Heart of God to your aura.

As you embody more of these qualities, your energy takes on a more complete spectrum of Godís light, bringing you to a new level of love, flow and enlightenment. You, as a personality in the earth plane, will be a more solid and powerful expression of the Heart of God in this dimension.

Initiations from the Heart of God Volume 1
Blessings From the Heart of God

These journeys focus on specific soul qualities from the Heart of God. Each journey submerses your energy field in these healing, evolutionary energies. These journeys lay the foundation for embodying the purest energy from the Source of Love, empowering you to live as a Heart of God infused personality in the earth plane.

Side 1 Enlightened Surrender
    Find that balance between co-creating as god, and letting the higher forces of the universe move gracefully through you. From this place of allowance, and yet deliberate creation, we have a new platform to go forward with the rest of the journeys here, and a new mode for being in life as well.

Side 2 Initiations From the Mind of God
    Reach into the Mind of God, sensing streams of transmissions containing all the information of our next evolutionary phase as humans. Resonate with those transmissions now. The more you submerse yourself in these transmissions, the more natural they will feel within your energy field, and gracefully develop to express outward as a manifestation of you. Which means you get to show up as a next-phase evolutionary being, living as the Heart of God on the earth.

Side 3 Gratitude
    Wear the energy of gratitude, a force so powerful it can can transcend limiting belief systems, and create miracles for you that your normal structure of beliefs wouldnít allow. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring in pure essence frequencies of gratitude, and have gratitude vibrate your being

Side 4 Appreciation
    This journey put us into a space of profound appreciation for practically everything -- especially for yourself and for what youíre creating, and for that aspect of self-love that lets us go forward. Appreciation is a complimentary frequency for gratitude; they both exist in the same domain, so itís like getting complementary frequencies to support your shift.

Side 5 Truth and Integration: Uniquely Expressing the Heart of God
    Find your personal Truth in the Heart of God, and integrate your life purpose with the miracle frequencies from the Heart of God. Bring the purest frequencies of your truth into your energy field, and set yourself up for expressing your Self in a way thatís aligned and integrous with your Higher Purpose. This journey is helpful for clarifying your contribution, and for creating and expressing yourself in alignment with your truest self.

Side 6 Reception: Being Seen and Received
    Youíve probably noticed times when you felt received, and everything you did worked, and other times when nothing you did worked. This journey is an opportunity to bring the purest frequencies of Reception into your being, and let it radiate from the inside out. Reach into the Heart of God to bring back pure frequencies of Being Received, the energy setup weíre calling "Reception" -- to establish your energy field as one who is seen, received, and cherished in the earth plane. As you wear these frequencies in your aura, you create being received in the world.

Side 7 Heart-Centered Chakra Alignment
    Because of the paradigm shift that humans are going through in this next evolutionary phase, we are now using the heart chakra as the center into which love enters and then extends both downward and upward into the other chakras. Bring miracle frequencies from the Heart of God into certain areas of your life, or into certain things youíre working on. Receive support from Theodoreís soul group in creating a miracle in any one of your energy centers, or any place in your energy field that needs the attention.

Side 8 Being Blessed: Appreciation and Gratitude
    Reach into source, calling forth pure frequencies of being blessed. Attune your entire being to call forth and attract blessings to you in the world about you. In gratitude and appreciation, receive blessings at the highest level that you can receive. The true blessing comes from you embodying this state of well-being, and remembering that you are a blessing. When who you are is a blessing, everything you create is a blessing.
The background music used in these journeys is by Michael Hammer.

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Initiations From the Heart of God Volume 2
Living As the Heart of God
Functioning As a Heart of God Infused Personality -- Enlightened Character

These guided journeys help infuse the energies and characteristics of an enlightened personality (mastery) into your energy field. In working with these journeys, you are bringing into your aura, the pure energy essence of enlightened paradigms, and enlightened ways of being and interacting.

As you build these energetic, "blueprint" distinctions into your energy field, enlightened ways of being and functioning will feel more natural for you. Whenever your mind reads about them or hears of them, those enlightened distinctions will light up for you with a far greater obviousness -- a feeling of "of course." Training your energy to function in this way enables you to more fully live these enlightened distinctions -- to not just know about them, but to have them expressing through your behavior.

There are many journeys in this album in which you will receive support from enlightened masters from dimensions of expanded light and radiance, who have achieved great mastery in the earth plane. The masters transmit to you, and hold a space for you to embody, and step into living these distinctions. They offer energetic support to evolve and enlighten your personality to help you Function As a Heart of God Infused Personality.

Side 1 Particles of Light; Trust
    Bring enlightened particles of light into your energy field, that open your flow and smooth out your energy. Bring in the qualities of trust, to build a foundation to go forward with the following initiations.

Side 2 Being Seen Through Eyes That Bless
    There are many journeys in this album in which we will bring in enlightened masters who have lived in the earth plane. These enlightened masters look at you through "eyes that bless." They see your magnificence, your perfection, and your holiness -- and you get to sit in the empowering energy field of their vision, and enjoy what that feels like. Naturally, when you are viewed through such high and holy esteem, your greatest self comes forward. That's the way it works in the earth plane, and it's the way it works when these masters gather in the higher realms to hold a vision for you.

Side 3 Evolving Self-image/Identity; Replacing Grip Energy w Miracles/Healing
    In our live groups, we've spoken often about "grip energy," the energetic control grip we have on life, that tightness that doesn't allow light to move through you. There is a phrase: "The unreformed reformer seldom inspires reform." If your control grip is constricting your energy, not allowing miracles to move freely through you, it's very hard to convince somebody else that they should let miracles move through them. Or, it's hard to convince somebody else that they should look from a new perspective at something, when you are entrenched in your point of view.
    This journey is about loosening up your control grip energy, (your need to control), and bringing in miracles and healing energy instead (your willingness to be blessed). This journey also includes opportunities to heal some wounds that you're carrying with you.

Side 4 Enlightening Your Personality
    Master Light Beings assist you in making a shift to a new level of living your purpose, and expressing these higher paradigms. Experience a profound expansion of consciousness, reorganizing the light structures that make up the "I" that you consider to be you. Receive a gift from the Masters to empower your ability to love yourself exactly the way you are. Receive enlightened filters to look through, providing new ways of viewing your life in the earth plane through the eyes of enlightened love, Improve your ability to see beauty, perfection, and magnificence as you interact with others.
    Love yourself so fully that you are free to evolve to ever higher expressions of light. Evolve your ability to live as miracle consciousness in the earth plane, and your ability to inspire magnificence in others. Radiate the qualities of wisdom, compassion, oneness, love, magnificence, and the Intention to create magnificently in the earth plane.
    Evolve a particular area in your life; bring it up in vibration to match your new light.

Side 5 Resonating With Masters: Enlightened Skills and Perspectives
    This journey holds a focus for you to energetically absorb and master some of the characteristics of an enlightened personality. Some of the skills include: shifting from Reaction Mode to Creation Mode; seeing through filters of love instead of judgment; letting go of who you thought you were, and embracing who you are becoming.
    Journeys 5 and 6 are both very powerful journeys for resonating with enlightened masters of earth plane experience to infuse the energies of this new paradigm into your energy field. These two journeys are deliberately on the same tape (and the same CD) because they complement each other and let you continue your process.

Side 6 Masters of Love: Infusing Your Energy Field
    In this journey, Masters of Enlightened Love hold an energy field for you so that you too can function as a master of love. Attune your energy to the energy field that is set for you, and join with these Masters of Love in reaching into Source, calling forth Miracle Frequencies from the Heart of God. As you bring these frequencies into finer levels of your being, you are expanding into new, enlightened states of functioning.
    Allow the purest frequencies of Love from the Heart of God to circulate throughout all of your energy field, restructuring your chakras; conditioning your mental body, shaping and informing the way you think; and moving into the sub-atomic particles of your body, so that even the subatomic particles of your being are infused with the Miracle Frequencies from the Heart of God.
    In sacred reverence for Who You Are, establish yourself as an expanded Love being. Create an energy field of love that is so stable and safe, that you evoke love from others. Call forth the purest frequencies of Alignment, and of embracing and cherishing, establishing new possibilities for yourself: you are becoming a human being that no longer struggles with itself. Embrace every layer of your being, cherish who you are. Be the commitment that every part of you gets love, every part of you is love, every part of you is included in the evolution.

Side 7 Evolving Your Ability to Create
    Now that you've shifted your identity of who you are, and opened to more love, and you've begun to see from enlightened perspectives, you now engage more responsibly in the earth plane. You now qualify to create at a more powerful level. In this journey, we energeticly empower your ability to create, so that you show up as a more magnificent creator.

Side 8 Creating As Generating Principle: Intending Love, Well-being, Being Seen, Known, Appreciated
    When you shift your identity out of that of a thing or a position, and function instead as a space -- as a context for the content of your life to show up in -- you have far more power to create. Naturally, you want to have your gifts and your love received. With your expanded power as a creator, some of the first things you want to create are love, well-being, and being seen.

Side 9 Letting Your Light Go Out
    Now that you empowered yourself as a creator, it's time to give permission to all levels of your being to allow your light go out. This journey uses a Heart-centered chakra Tune-up to help you step into what's next for you.

Side 10 Sourcing Magnificence in Self and Others (Seeing/Calling Forth Greatness)
    Legions of light beings set a space and hold a focus of light for you to show up in all of your love, and all of your magnificence. Enjoy having these beings see your highest potential so clearly that they call it forth in you. By consciously studying this energy space you can learn not only about how to be magnificent, but how to source magnificence in others.

Side 11 Being Blessed and Blessing; Maintaining Your Radiance
    Now that you are blessed by the masters, begin blessing others. Let your radiance go out to bless and uplift others with the Miracle Frequencies from the Heart of God. Part 2 of this journey is to notice how completely you can bring your enlightened pattern into the world before it starts to disintegrate. Play a game of maintaining your radiance while exploring the collective consciousness of humanity, making maintaining your radiance the priority. If you notice your pattern begin to diminish, you back up, re-establish your pattern, and then re-enter the world. This is a valuable skill, worthy of dedicating time to learning it.

Side 12 Harmony, Smoothness, Fluidity and Flow: Evolving Your Personality
    Bring in the qualities of smoothness and fluidity, find aspects of your personality, and evolve them. You can use this space to evolve other creations of yours as well -- creations in the earth plane, or other aspects of your personality.
The background music used in these journeys is by Michael Hammer.

The "Living As the Heart of God" Album of twelve journeys
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