The Enlightened Communication Workshop

A Multi-dimensional Breakthrough in

Mastering the Art of Whole Communication

Imagine if you and the person or people you love the most, had the ability to step into Source together, deliberately create being in relationship with each other, and communicate with each other knowing the deepest, most loving level of who you are. And imagine that in the future, as upsets or problems arise between you, you both have access to a new, expanded Self that is larger than the upsets, and able to resolve upsets quickly, so as to return to a place of flowing heart-space with each other. 

This is the purpose of the Enlightened Communication Workshop (ECW). This workshop will powerfully walk you through the necessary distinctions and contextual shifts, bringing you to a place of being able to deliberately source Whole Communication.

Whole Communication is an act of creation, occurring at many levels at once. In Whole Communication lies the power to create and enliven reality, to actually bring forth the qualities you are acknowledging -- empowering and transforming both speaker and listener.

Whole Communication does more than just get your point across. It moves people. It generates experience in others. It not only delivers information to others, it actually transforms their ability to hear. This way of communicating has power and heart, and provides a definite advantage for relating in satisfying, fulfilling ways -- in any kind of relationship.

The Real Communication is God-Light to God-Light

This course will empower you to bring consciousness and purpose to one of the most important areas of your life -- your ability to communicate and relate with others.

Many people think that being a good communicator is being able to articulate your ideas clearly. Some people think being a good communicator means "being a good conversationalist." While it's important to be able to get your point across, and can be entertaining to be a good conversationalist, clearly something more is required.

It takes more than good conversation to keep love and intimacy alive in a relationship. It takes more than getting your point across to resolve upsets and breakdowns, such that a stronger partnership emerges. You have probably noticed, that simply being a "nice guy," or a "good woman," is not sufficient. It takes something more.

This course offers you the opportunity to master a new way of communicating -- not merely as techniques you remember and attempt to apply, but as a profound shift in your ground of being.

In this course, you will learn how to shift from reaction based communication, to generating communication that creates and fulfills your higher purpose and intention. The mastery of communication is a learnable and attainable skill. Rather than hoping for those occasional "magic moments," you can elevate your communication into an art that, once mastered, can actually be planned for, generated at will, and be counted on consistently.

Mastering communication includes the ability to consistently recreate multiple levels of being and experience in yourself and others. It includes the ability to create at will, the experience of empowerment, satisfaction, love, and being known in your communication.

Just like the sun is always shining whether the clouds obscure it or not, Love Is. This course is designed to bring you into a fuller experience, and more complete expression of the love that is always there. After all, what could be more important than keeping love fresh, alive and expanding in your relationships?

This workshop will make the domain of Whole Communication vivid and real for you. The distinctions necessary to access this new paradigm will be clearly presented. Through partner exercises, guided meditations, group interactions and special demonstrations, you'll have the opportunity to directly experience and put into practice this new technology for effective communication.

True Communication is Whole and Complete.

Each of us has experienced whole communication at some time in our lives. While we may not always know how to make it happen, we know how we feel when it does occur. Whole communication is that experience of being totally "known," or understood by another person -- not just an understanding of the words you are saying, but also a profound knowing of you as the Experiencer behind the words.
This course opens the possibility for each person, in every relationship, to be the source of being known, loved, appreciated and empowered through communication.
When there is whole communication, people experience more harmony and enjoyment in their relationships, and an expansion of satisfaction and interest in their work.

For most of us, the experience of whole communication seems to "happen," without our knowing how or why. Regardless of what we do, it often seems difficult, and sometimes impossible to really communicate. This workshop reveals principles and engages you in exercises that enable you to experience true communication, as distinguished from the masses of corrected and re-corrected verbiage, which is often erroneously called communication. True communication is spontaneous and intentional.

This program goes beyond tips and advice on how to communicate better, and makes available a new ground of being for you to communicate from.

By having the opportunity to experience whole communication, and learning to complete your experience of the barriers to communication, you will leave this program not only with useful information, but in touch with your natural ability for effective communication. After the course, as the barriers to communication re-arise, you are able to be aware of them in such a way that you complete your experience of them, and break through to communication.

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Enlightened Communication Workshop


Tuition is $225, or $400 per couple*, or $125 to review.

*You can use a friend or family member to qualify for the couple discount.

A Note to Light Workers:
While communication is important to everyone, this workshop is especially valuable for light workers who want a higher paradigm for communication, a paradigm that can hold and reflect the harmony and flow that you are reaching on the inner planes. As you continue growing in consciousness, it is important to bring awareness, purpose and light to more and more areas of your life.
There is no limit to the light and love that's available in the higher realms. The bottleneck is your personality. This is a course to expand your personality. This is a powerful vehicle for you to bring the expanded states you are reaching in your meditations more completely into your relationships.

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