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Ray was an experienced counselor and seminar leader before doing the light body course. Now, after 8+ years of teaching the AYLB course, he understands the unique challenges that result from awakening your light body -- both from the material itself, and from the rapid growth that results.

Even the most advanced souls occasionally reach a point where having support from someone who understands their path and their level of soul-evolution can save them months, or years of needless struggle. Many students and graduates of the course have expressed deep gratitude for receiving support, guidance, coaching, and help integrating the emotional shifts, as well as answers to questions specific to their experience.

Beyond answers to questions, we can also engage in powerful energy work together. Call (510) 525-7470 to discuss your needs, and see if a session would be valuable for you.

For a better feel of Ray's approach to counseling and energy work, check out his Private Sessions page.

Awakening Your Light Body Graduate Tapes

We have some great light body journeys on tape. These are not for learning the light body. They are intended as further exploration for light body graduates.

Awakening Your Light Body Graduate Seminars
We are currently not scheduling live seminars so that we can focus on bringing through some new shifts. However, if any of the following seminars appeal to you, send us an email. We may be able to schedule a course in your area, or we can put you on our list for the next one we schedule here.

Messages For
Awakening Your Light Body Graduates

Working Together For An Enlightened Community

With your enhanced ability to find and work on people and situations as energy, you are now in a much more powerful position to co-create transformation in the world.

A Little About Our Group Purpose

As the veils continue to lift, you may be discovering you are a much higher being than you had previously thought. As you continue to open to your soul more completely, you may be finding that in addition to your life purpose as an individual, we also have a group purpose together. What follows is a message from Theodore about that:

By remaining aware of your connection to your soul group, and the larger group of light workers, and aligning your Intention as Group Mind, we can create powerful openings for more and more people to hear and respond to the call to awaken. Naturally, the more of us embracing the light, the greater the possibilities for all of us -- both individually, and as a civilization.

If, as they say, the power we generate is multiplied exponentially when we harmonize and align our energies, I am inviting us all to step up to a more conscious recognition and utilization of our power to make a difference in the collective consciousness on the planet -- starting with those most receptive to receiving the light and making a shift (in this case, new LB students).

Sending light to new LB students (and people who are almost ready) is a very energy-efficient way to create an enlightened world. (Of course, the example of your own radiance is probably the greatest contribution you could make.)

Here are some suggestions to assist you in aligning your energies as group, to bring more light to yourself and others:

I ask for your support in getting my (& Theodore's) work out to more people. Tell your friends about us and the seminars; bring them to the intro evenings; or come yourself, to get recharged, and help hold the space for new participants to enroll.

Feel free to call me to share insights or discuss any aspect of this. 

Re-Experiencing the Awakening Your Light Body Course

If you would like to review any of the AYLB weekends, the new cost to review is just $100 per weekend for my students. (LuminEssence tape students can attend for $125). Please note that these are now only two-day weekends, so it is easier to make the time for it.

We also remind you that you won't merely be reviewing, you'll be stepping into the shifts that are next for you. Just by joining with me, Theodore, DaBen and Orin in this space at the level you are, you will empower whatever shifts are next for you.

Radiant Entertainment Evenings

Also, we want to invite you to the Radiant Entertainment evenings. You don't have to be a LB graduate to attend. This means you can bring your friends and share these energy spaces with them. (We just don't call out the energy centers as part of the meditation.) Really this is a chance for you to come with friends (or by yourself) and play in soft, powerful, expanded, love energy spaces together.

The Radiant Entertainment evenings are a powerful resource for expanding heart energy. They are also a very good way for new people to get a sense of me and Theodore and our work. Do tell your friends about these evenings, and bring them with you.

I get the sense that there are many of us that could really use a recharge of Love in our lives at this time. I invite you to re-connect with me for that specific purpose -- to reopen your heart, to re-experience the Love that we are. Come be in the Love that we share.

Thank You

I'd like to thank you for all you contribute to me. Thank you for your love of me and Theodore, which I do feel and enjoy. And for those of you sending light, love and blessings on the inner planes, right back atcha! And thank you.

I also appreciate those of you consciously tuning into and building upon our group synergy. We are feeling it happen! Do continue connecting with us on the inner planes.

Finally (for now), thanks so much for supporting my work by telling your friends about it.

Thanks for Your Love and Partnership!

Ray Hix

You can
Or Phone Ray at (510) 525-7470

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