Creating With Light: Frequencies of Fulfillment

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Expanding and Stabilizing Your Radiance

This is a course in learning to place your radiance into everything in your life -- creating and manifesting objects, relationships, events and situations that can most hold and reflect your light. In addition to manifesting higher forms, we also want the experience of manifesting gracefully and easily. We want to feel supported by the universe, have life pour smoothly through us, and feel joyously one with a higher flow.

With your awakened Light Body you've been able to make a much stronger connection to source. This next step is to more fully identify with and live as source -- transfering your identity out of the seperate little self, shifting your identity into the expanded source of all that you create.

All forms are a reflection of the level of consciousness from which they are created. As form is created from higher levels, it reflects the higher energy, and more fully supports your higher path and life purpose. As you embody the qualities and radiant light of your essence, the outer structures in your life can reorganize to reflect and match your light.

In this course Theodore will show you specific frequencies of light that will greatly empower you in fulfilling your life purpose here. These are some of the frequencies that "fill in" your Light Body and expand your radiance. Applying these new energies to any area creates evolution. There is no limit to how beautiful, harmonized, flowing, balanced and peaceful you can be -- while living your everyday life.

You can use these frequencies for conscious manifesting, raising your vibration, opening your channel, lifting the veils, and navigating the flow. Simply being in these patterns and spaces of light will open your energy to higher flows and expanded opportunities for you in all dimensions.

About the Frequencies

In terms of potential growth for you, learning the four Frequencies of Fulfillment are almost like learning four new centers. Working with these frequencies will increase your awareness of the energies within and around you, helping you sense energy at new levels and from different perspectives. This empowers your ability to get in touch with your life purpose, to know it more completely, and to sense at more and more subtle levels, not only the essence of your life purpose, but the subtle changes, and appropriate forms of expression that it should take throughout time.

Working with the Frequencies of Fulfillment will help you see and know what flows to choose that will align you with your higher path and purpose. You can use these frequencies to more consciously choose those actions in the moment that match your higher flow and take you higher. If you do choose actions that take you out of your flow, you can recognize the shift in energy more quickly, and be able to realign and get back into the flow.

You can use these frequencies to explore dimensions of your self that you have not yet touched upon. As you experience higher levels of your being, you can see more of the bigger picture of the universe, including the plan of humanity, and your part in it.

As you solidify and increase your connection to all levels of your Self, you empower your ability to love and embrace your physical reality, as well as expanding your consciousness of the God-source. You become a larger energy presence in the earth plane, and more completely integrate a more whole spectrum of frequencies.

This course is a big leap. In order to have a more complete and more joyful experience learning these frequencies, without overwhelm, it feels best if we learn them one at a time, with perhaps a week in between the next frequency.

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