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A course for Awakening Your Light Body students who want to explore
the higher dimensions you can now reach as you awaken your Light Body.

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Your increasing skill of sensing subtle energies and ability to hold a greater level of harmony in your energy bodies makes it possible for you to travel into and explore dimensions of great light and radiance -- meeting and interacting with very high masters from these dimensions.

You are a grand and multidimensional being, experiencing in every dimension of reality. Your potential is vast. Although you are focused in this earth dimension at this time, your consciousness may expand to include much more than this little reality.

In this workshop you will learn how to use your Vibrational Energy Body centers in various ways to change your frequency and "travel" into other dimensions. This is not out-of-body or Astral Travel -- we travel in frequency, not in space. This is learning to adjust your frequency in ways that allo w you to extend your awareness into dimensions of light that will greatly assist you in being your Higher Self and becoming more radiant.

These dimensions are the dimensions your Higher Self and soul exist in, and the realms from which masters receive their wisdom. Many of these dimensions and the beings who live in them are closer to what you call "God," the "All-That-Is," and can teach you much about how to increase your connectio n to the God within you. In these higher planes you can experience new aspects of the Universal Mind, expanding your creativity and enhancing your ability to operate from your higher mind.

This is a wonderful way to learn through joy and play. As you meet and work with the masters who live in these realms, practical lessons about being a master take experiential form. Through wondrous explorations and delightful interactions, you can receive guidance, insights, energy transmissions and information to assist you on your path of spiritual growth.

These beings can show you more of your potential -- new skills and perspectives that contribute to your mastery in this dimension. These masters can teach you much about how energy works on the earth plane, showing you ways to enhance your radiance, your ability to serve others, and ways to manifest things that more closely match your essence.

You will be able to tap into the assistance that is available in these higher realms for practical support with daily concerns, as well as spiritual enlightenment.

As you travel interdimensionally, you can learn to:

This course will be designed especially for you coming. We will select the dimensions and beings that will add the most to your lives. We have already been contacting beings from many different dimensions about sponsoring you in these journeys.

If you come, be willing to:
In these higher dimensions you can experience more of the Oneness of all life and your connection to this Oneness. Each time you travel to these places of high, refined energy, your aura becomes charged with the higher frequencies that exist there.
Star Two days, 9:00 - 5:00 daily. $250
Includes tapes of the journeys.

Contact Ray to enroll:
You can
Or Phone Ray at (510) 525-7470
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