Awakening Your Light Body
Energy Play Groups

You are warmly invited to attend some special gatherings for Light Body students. This is a great opportunity to experience running the energies with a group, receive coaching from Ray, and energy transmissions (special-tailored for LB students) from Theodore, DaBen and Orin.

In addition to being very high events, we experience people making amazing shifts in these meetings, sometimes apparently by osmosis. Simply being in the presence of people who are running the energies creates a powerful space for change to happen.

These gatherings are open to anyone who has started the Awakening Your Light Body course, either with a teacher, or using the LuminEssences tapes.

"Awakening your light body is learning to take your awareness into the higher dimensions of your very own self, a self that has always been there, a self that is timeless, a self that reaches up dimension after dimension, and one that as you reach it with your awareness, you can begin bringing those frequencies all the way down, into your physical body, your emotions and your mind, building frequency after frequency of light into your personality, into your body, into your being. Until you are present as a fully awakened being of light on the earth plane. Our goal is that you will become fully radiant, as a light, and as many qualities and aspects of light as you can hold in a physical body. As luminous, as radiant, as brilliant as you can become, as connected to your Self at every level of your being, as part of the oneness."


I look forward to the openings we will create and share!

7:30 P.M. to 9:30 or 10:00

Where: Ray's House (Call for dates and directions.)

Suggested Donation: $15

There may be occasional exceptions, so if you miss a meeting, please call to make sure we are meeting next time.

You can
Or Phone Ray at (510) 525-7470

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