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After people have had time to work with the books on their own, we plan to offer tele-seminars to support people in more fully embodying the distinctions in the books.  
Online Forums

We will set up a special Forum for people working with the books to communicate with me and each other.
We are using this page to list some of the resources we have to support you in mastering the material in these books. This preview page will be updated. For now, ...
Additional Support to Complement the Books

Guided Journeys to Empower Your Growth


Our guided journeys on CD and Cassette Tape are wonderful companion tools to empower your mastery of the enlightened states of being discussed in the books. These guided journeys are not just words to think about, they provide a "spiritual modeling" – a demonstration of expanded, Love-energy setups that can assist you in experiencing, exploring and living from your higher potential.


If we can say a book trains your mind to think in new ways, then we can say these guided journeys train your energy field to set up and function in new ways. They are not so much for holding ideas, they are for holding energetic setups – energetic openings into enlightened states of being that you can return to whenever you want to.


Similar to the way a book always remembers important distinctions for you, these guided journeys remember the energy set-ups of expanded states of being. They can return you to your expanded self at those times when you have lost it, and support you in soaring into wonderful new spaces when you are ready for it. Training your energy field to function in more harmonious and flowing ways fulfills and empowers the insights and understanding you get from the books.

Journeys to Empower Your Mastery of the Books

These journeys were created to help you experience some of the states of being described in the books.

Journeys For the Leaders in Consciousness Program

These journeys are specifically designed for the Leaders in Consciousness to develop real mastery in applying book distinctions.

Our Previous Journeys

Most of our previously released guided journeys are aligned with and complementary to the material in our books. You can find out more about them on this page.

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Seeing Through 
Eyes that Bless  

Being Magnetic to 
Your Highest Good

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