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This is not a book of quick and easy tips. Seeing through Eyes That Bless lays the foundation for you to authentically stabilize in expanded states of Love and consciousness.


There are many gaps in our Love education. This book fills in the missing pieces, revealing a mostly unrecognized doorway into enlightened perception, making the possibility of "Seeing through the Eyes of God’s Perfect Love" real and attainable to you. It provides the step-by-step paradigm shifts, the collection of understandings that allow you to see with the same enlightened vision that many of the enlightened Saints and Masters were known for.

Seeing Through Eyes that Bless

A Powerful Doorway Into Living From Enlightened Love

Being a Source of Love in the World: Book 1

You are invited to become a more conscious, loving person. You are invited to embrace enlightened perspectives that allow you to open and expand in Love and wisdom – the wisdom that has your opening to Love be a blessing to you and to others, rather than a burden. And you are invited to have this authentic shift into Conscious Love occur from the inside out – so that instead of "the same old you" struggling to behave better; there is a genuinely more enlightened, more compassionately loving you, who naturally interacts in more loving ways.

Use this book to empower your mastery in Enlightened Love.

As a master of Love, you create Love as a place you come from, and you are able to show up as a blessing under more and more circumstances. This book will help you:

* Successfully navigate the barriers, breakdowns, and obstacles to full-out, openhearted expressions of Love.

* Become grounded enough in your own validity that you are free to receive correction and improve yourself without making yourself wrong.

* Become a full-spectrum human being, courageously navigating the full range of human experience - highs and lows.
Price: $20.00
Description: 8.5x11” Perfect Bound, 220 pages
(This would be about 330 pages in standard paperback size)