Activating Your Angelic Nature

Lifting the Veils to Everything Angel
with Ray Hix

Sunday June 13, 12noon to 4pm

This is a seminar for opening to, exploring and embracing your Angelic Nature.

Depending on your level of openness, this special event can lift you well beyond a pleasant experience with angels. You can show up as more of a partner with angels, to more powerfully co-create with them.

There is a place in you that can (maybe has already begun to) resonate with Angelic Frequencies. As you raise your ceiling of “too good,” and open your channels more completely, you open the possibility of Activating Your Angelic Nature.

Theodore has arranged for angels and masters to transmit specific frequencies that will key your vibration into an awareness and awakening of your Angelic Nature. This transmission will enable that part of you that IS connected with the angelic realm, to come on line for you as a state of being you can own for yourself.

Theodore will guide you into an experience of blending your consciousness with angels, in a way that you come back with those frequencies awakened as part of your new personality.

Come join us for this breakthrough!

Radiant Heart Productions

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