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Ray Hix - Angel Meditations
With these Guided Journeys to Meet and Work With Angels, you're not limited to reading about angels, you can experience them for yourself. You can use these journeys to communicate with angels, establish a relationship with an angel, and receive love, blessings, guidance and support from angels.

Side 1: Meet Your Angel Sponsor
Open as your angel transmits a particular soul quality it would like to share with you. Receive assistance from your angel with something in your life. Discover how you can most effectively utilize your angel in your day-to-day life.
The music is by Aeola.

Side 2: Experiencing Angel Consciousness
Join consciousness with an angel. Experience this angel's connection to the God-source, as it shares its special gift with you. Receive a message or play with the angel any way you like. Join a group of angels, as they transmit waves of love, clarity, grace, and fulfillment.
The music is by Michael Hammer.

Visit http://www.radiantheart.com/angel.htm

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This Album contains the following Singles; they can be purchased individually:
Ray Hix - Meet Your Angel Sponsor - 00:00  4.75 Buy this Single mp3 !
Ray Hix - Experiencing Angel Consciousness - 34:13  4.75 Buy this Single mp3 !
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