Messages For Enlightened Communication Workshop Graduates

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Dear ECW Graduates,

As you know, the purpose of the ECW is to experience and master whole communication. In the ECW, you probably experienced possibilities that went well beyond better communication. I could see lights going on in many of your faces, as you began to realize that you have the ability to be with each other in ways that are exhilerating, alive and magic -- that as you clear and complete the barriers to whole communication, you are returned to love in profoundly enhanced ways.

At the level of community, it is the purpose of the workshop to achieve that quality of communication which produces a "critical mass." A critical mass produces a natural chain reaction. The chain reaction is a spontaneously expanding condition of whole communication.

I invite your active participation in this matter. Here are some ways to participate:

I want to say a little bit about sharing and enrolling. Sharing your Self is having the freedom to allow the higher energies of the universe to move through you without obstruction. Whenever you experience something that puts you back in touch with your expanded self (e.g. love, oneness, flow, wisdom, etc.), it is natural to want to share that with others. When we succumb to reasons why we shouldn't share these experiences with others, we impede that flow of higher energies through us.

Giving yourself permission to fully share your Self is a powerful way to engage in life. Conversely, consider the possibility that in many of the places where you are stopped in life, where you are stopped is in sharing your Self. Not the kind of sharing that tells a story, or talks ABOUT something. I'm refering to the kind of Sharing that opens up possibility, that calls forth something missing, and leaves you both in touch with your larger Self.

Enrolling others is a form of sharing that isn't reaching into the past. This kind of sharing reaches out into the future and creates the possibilty of something happening. One leaves you with a record, the other with possibility.

Enrollment is a stand. It demands that we draw on our own pesonal resources, our spontaneity, and our ability to communicate effectively in a way that others are left with a choice and a possibility in their lives.

Sharing this work is communicating in a way that empowers others to create and choose new possibilities for themselves. Your job is to communicate, to express the essence what you got out of participating here, so as to make available a tangible experience in those you are sharing with, that opens up the possibility of them choosing that possibility for themselves. (You might want to find out what their concerns are and address the possibilities of breakthroughs for them.) Share from opportunity rather than from must.

If you engage in authentically sharing your Self with others, you'll have a breakthrough in opening to greater flows of energy.

A Next-Level Growth Opportunity

It is the desire of my heart that we create a conscious group for the purpose of exploring what it is to make a group contribution, to function as "Group Mind" together, to deliberately channel group synergy from the highest planes we can reach. The vehicle I would like to use for this experiment is the ECW. We are creating a "Resonance Co-Creator's program" for people who would like to expand (in a most profound way) who they know themselves to be.

While we are delivering the ECW, those of us creating the space of resonance for the participants would have a complementary agenda, in parallel with the regular workshop agenda.

The parallel Resonance Co-Creator's agenda is to (at strategic moments throughout the workshop) embody specific states of being and transmit certain frequencies of light. In fact, our job is to embody certain shifts so fully that every participant in the workshop is irresistibly drawn into these shifts. The vision is that having a group consciously aligned on deliberately embodying some of these spaces, would make openings available to people far beyond what they would have stepped into on their own. So that even people with mild growth interest would walk out not only with a deeper relationship with their family and friends, but with themselves, their God and the universe.

There is so much I would like to share with you about the rich possibilities of joining this program. But there's too much to write about. Just be in touch with me if something within you began to resonate as you are contemplating this.

    Or Phone him at (510) 525-7470

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