Evening Gatherings For Accelerated Growth
With Ray and Theodore

For those in or planning to be in the Berkeley/San Francisco Bay area, these evening seminars are an excellent opportunity to bring more love, harmony and light into all aspects of your being.

For masters, and those becoming masters, we provide a space for divine light play and energy awareness. Orchestrated by Ray and Theodore, this is an arena in which to discover and exercise your "other senses," open your heart to intmacy, open to being known, and playing as your expanded self.

Some of the featured highlights include:

And other support to enhance your growth process!

Sometimes the guided meditations and coaching will have a theme for the evening. Most evenings will be spontaneous, and we will work or play with whatever seems appropriate for that evening. That could include various types of energy play.

This is a powerful forum for joyful learning in which you can:

People often experience shifts, absorb lessons and have profound breakthroughs -- simply as a function of Resonance -- just by being in the energy field we create where these shifts have already taken place.

Some Comments From Participants:

"Ray's Radiant Entertainment Evenings are amazing! I often experience the gates of heaven flooding light through my soul. After an evening at Ray's, I went through an emotional clearing I will never forget. I awoke from a dream, crying and laughing intermittenly. I experienced a gut-wrenching processing of memories of both pain and joy. I accessed cellular memories of the past, and I was able to emotionally heal and process suppressed pain, love, joy and grief from past traumatic and joyous events of my life. As someone who has been unable to feel for so many years, I am now feeling again, and sharing myself more fully. I will never forget this experience!"
E.C. in Daly City

"It has been a magical day. Because of the space you held for me Tuesday evening, the safety and love and support which you all so freely gave to me, I was given Christmas in September. Thank you. You all allowed me to be vulnerable, and I have since learned there is strength in vulnerability. I am at long last getting that life, all life is sacred. I could not have had this experience if you had not so fully accepted me the other evening. To each of you I am deeply grateful. You made it safe for me to show my self, so much so that I have shown myself four times since (who's counting?). My life has been enriched; my life will never be the same. By healing myself, I give others the opportunity to do so also. I love you all."
C.B. in Oakland

"In one of your meetings you brought in bliss. And I got it, and I was sitting there, and I was with it, and I said to you that I can't believe I'm carrying on a conversation in this state. I was just in intense bliss. And then you said "Do you want me to ramp it up?" And you did! And I burst out laughing, and I could not stop laughing."
N.L. in Pinole

"Radiant Entertainment" is open to anyone on a growth path. You may come as often as you like, and are welcome to bring a friend.

Wednesday evenings, 7:30 - 10:00PM. Call for directions, and to confirm we are meeting.

$10 minimum donation requested.

    You can
    Or Phone (510) 525-7470


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