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The Leaders in Consciousness Program
Authentically Demonstrating and Contributing Enlightened States of Well-Being

I am finishing up an important new project, specifically designed to empower the light workers and Consciousness Clearers of the world – the people who are at the leading edge of consciousness for humanity. This new work is to support the Leaders in Consciousness in authentically demonstrating enlightened states of well-being, and to have their demonstration of well-being become an integral part of their contribution to humanity.

I created the Leaders in Consciousness Program to deliberately align and orchestrate all the random, disconnected efforts of Consciousness Clearers and Light workers around the world. This may sound similar to other efforts, but I have looked deeply into this matter to provide what's needed. All of the efforts from the past, and all of our current efforts are helpful and have made a difference, and I appreciate them all. And yet, we have only had limited success so far. In this program, we will address the issues that have prevented the complete success of previous efforts. In this work I speak to some key distinctions that most of us remain unconscious with. Unless we consciously handle these matters, we remain at the effect of them. My new books will lay a solid foundation for the success of the Leaders in Consciousness Program.

Informed by previous efforts, and empowered by our new foundation, we will create a context that enables wiser, love-based paradigms to be heard, received and embraced by humanity.

Our job as light workers and consciousness clears, the ones who are most plugged-in to the collective consciousness of humanity, the ones who are already installed here to create shifts in the collective consciousness – is to create an energetic context in which important distinctions can be seen, heard, recognized as what's appropriate, embraced and acted upon.

The opportunity of the Leaders in Consciousness Project is for us to come together consciously, on purpose, with the shared intention, to deliberately infuse specific distinctions and paradigm shifts into the collective consciousness of humanity.

We will orchestrate and align our individual efforts, to cause specific Enlightened Paradigms to be embraced as “obvious,” and welcomed as “what’s needed.”

Most of the foundation materials are ready to share. I am researching a variety of ways or you to participate in the work. I am planning to set up a combination of live group and tele-seminars for people to join with other like-minded people to engage in this work. I will also have some materials for home study.

A Summary of Our Leaders in Consciousness Program

Unlike other “join as group” efforts, this requires authenticity of Being from those who step up to participate. You must be demonstrating the states of being you hope to contribute to others, and you will need to know some specific skills for working with light and energy – and transmitting shifts to others.

There will be Two Phases to the Leaders in Consciousness Program:

The first phase is Enlightening You: establishing yourself as one who demonstrates Enlightened Love, fulfillment and magnificence, and having your demonstration of well-being become an integral part of your contribution to humanity. This includes:

*Establishing yourself as a Enlightened Love, and deliberately experiencing increased well-being;
*Causing yourself to show up more magnificently on purpose – both at a being level and in action;
*Enhancing your ability to sense and work with light and energy.

The second phase is Empowering Your Ability to Contribute, and Aligning the Efforts of Enlightened Light Workers and Consciousness Clearers. This includes:

*Consciously modeling enlightened states of being and enlightened modes of functioning for humanity.
*"Aligning as Wholes" with other Leaders in Consciousness to create a Context in which Love-based perspectives and modes of functioning begin to show up as "Ideas Whose Time Has Come."
*Working with Light and Energy to evoke alignment from all of humanity in playing the game called "consciously growing in Love."
*Causing the Global Adoption of Enlightened Paradigms

Why should you use engage in this program? Well, the reasons are obvious:

1. You know that part of your life purpose is to become a master of Enlightened Love in this lifetime, and it's time for you to follow through with your training.

2. You are ready to stop postponing greater well-being and fulfillment, and are ready to take responsibility for creating it now.

3. You want to receive support for more consciously functioning on purpose and more effectively fulfilling your life purpose – including contributing to others.

4. You want your actions to make a positive difference – you don't want to be stuck in place, spinning your wheels. You Intend to be a powerful force in the world, masterfully causing results to happen – instead of wishing and hoping they happen.

If you would like to be notified when this program is ready, or updated on opportunities for group participation: 

This page is just a temporary "place holder." I will complete and update this page after announcing my new books, so check back!

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