Radiant Heart Workshop

Embracing the Heart of Transformation

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Awakening Your Heart to the Power of Love

In this workshop we will get directly to the heart of the matter, and boldly open your heart to the levels power, flow and radiance you have secretly dreamed of, but have not yet embraced.

You will learn at a deeper level how to access the power that comes from standing in your heart, and utilize that power for clearing, opening, healing, and shifting to higher paths.

You will also create a huge breakthrough in your ability to let others into your heart, and your ability to touch the heart of others.

Theodore will be working with specific masters of love, who will be transmitting patterns of fully awakened hearts. I am told that the recent openings I've experienced in my heart will allow them to come through at deeper, more complete levels than ever before. 

We are waiting for the energies to be right before scheduling this. I'll give you dates as soon as I have them.

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