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Ray Hix - Creating a New Paradigm For Contribution
These 8 journeys are to support you in shifting what it is to be on the Path of the Bodhisattva, functioning as a Consciousness Clearer. You can find the article describing this phenomenon at: www.radiantheart.com/bodhi.htm
If you resonate with that article, you can use these journeys to align your energy with the new paradigm, so that you are more consistently functioning as an expression of the enlightened paradigm.
These journeys provide you with energetic setups for you to resonate with energetic setups that were channeled by a Consciousness Clearer specifically for Consciousness Clearers. Receive support from some very high beings from enlightened dimensions, and consciously use these journeys to attune your energy and Intention.

These Journeys are designed to work together, and will not provide the major shift you want if used separately, or without the .pdf that explains how to use them.

For more info on these journeys see: http://www.radiantheart.com/newpath.htm

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Price: € 43.98 Buy this Album  
This Album contains the following Singles; they can be purchased individually:
Ray Hix - Exploring/Transforming Your Path - 31:24  4.75 Buy this Single mp3 !
Ray Hix - Honeycomb Beings: Integrating the New Paradigm - 34:13  4.75 Buy this Single mp3 !
Ray Hix - Integrating Full Spectrum: Playing the Chord of Life - 31:42  4.75 Buy this Single mp3 !
Ray Hix - Vibrating With the New Paradigm - 30:43  4.75 Buy this Single mp3 !
Ray Hix - Embracing the Light - 30:00  4.75 Buy this Single mp3 !
Ray Hix - Grace: Blending Heaven and Earth - 30:40  4.75 Buy this Single mp3 !
Ray Hix - Co-Creation: Allowing Shifts/Empowering Your Next Shift - 31:16  4.75 Buy this Single mp3 !
Ray Hix - Linking with Similar Souls on the Gridwork - 23:43  4.75 Buy this Single mp3 !
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