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Ray Hix - Clarity: Lifting the Veils to Self and Self-Expression
The guided meditations in this album are for discovering your Self from higher perspectives. It is possible to find your "Pre-mind Essence," the You as you exist before devolving into thought. You can also find your life purpose from this pre-thought state.

These journeys will bring you into a more pure sense of Who You Are, enabling you to find your energy at truer levels, and to find it in ways that facilitate higher flows moving through you. Finding and experiencing yourself at this level expands and empowers your knowing your authentic Self, and brings clarity in lifting the veils to what you're here to be/do.

These journeys contain special energy transmissions to help you:
* Connect with a more pure aspect of your Self
* Gain clarity and knowing of your next expressions of the Divine Plan
* Expand into Divine Intelligence and be Carried and Empowered by Divine Purpose
* Learn from the Energy Patterns in you aura
* Be empowered to truer and richer Self-expression
* Empower your Life Purpose, your current role and your path ahead
* Love yourself more completely

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