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Ray Hix - HoG1-Blessings from the Heart of God
These 8 Journeys set a space for you to directly experience special transmissions of light originating from within the Heart of God. Because these gifts come from the Heart of God (your Source), these transmissions are custom-tuned to most optimally support you, addressing both your current and your future needs.

Each journey focuses on specific blessings of Divine Love, such as Gratitude, Appreciation, Alignment with Purpose and Self-Expression, Being Seen and Received, and so on. As you go through each of these initiations you are adding more and more frequencies from the Heart of God to your aura.

As you embody more of these qualities, your energy takes on a more complete spectrum of Godís light, bringing you to a new level of love, flow and enlightenment. You, as a personality in the earth plane, will be a more solid and powerful expression of the Heart of God. Use these journeys to restore and empower your energy.

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